16 Days Until Due Date: Video Tour of Baby’s Room

picture-2With only 16 days left until our first baby girl is due, we take you on a tour of the recently completed baby’s room, which used to be our screened in porch.

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

8 comments on 16 Days Until Due Date: Video Tour of Baby’s Room

  1. Great video! And that onesie is really cute. Thank you for sharing these with everyone. You all continue to be in my prayers as I am sure in others as well.

  2. Lindsay says:

    LOVE IT! I love the daily count down! I’m so excited for you all! Blessings!!

  3. sandy soto says:

    Awesome, I loved the baby room. That was creative to convert your patio into the baby room. I’m very excited for your new miracle from God. I listen to the catholic station everyday, when I take my child to school, make errands, grocery shopping, etc. Your marriage has inspired me to be a better mother, spouse, daughter, sister, and above all a good Christian.

  4. Jan says:

    I see alot of pink in this room and in your future. ENJOY!! You are so blessed!

  5. Love the room, I still have to get all of MY stuff out of our 3rd bedroom to make room for our 2nd girl arriving around 3/30/09. Where will it all go, I’ve been spoiled for 5 years having my own room. I better get crackin’ Jennifer, you are glowing 🙂

  6. Mary Soukup says:

    I love the room and yes Jennifer you are glowing, I love it. I have a question for you. what is the music in the back ground?

  7. Zina says:

    That is such a sweet room. I remember being in there when it was a porch. So that means that you are due around 1/24? I am due on 2/22. Almost exactly a month after you.

    I like the belly. I have been Plurking my profile shot once in a while.

    Thanks for the tour. This is very exciting!

  8. Dan says:

    Nice tour! Glad to see that you still had the Christmas Tree up on 1/8, and it wasn’t on the street like most of our neighbors on 12/26!! Just got ANOTHER 4-6 inches up here in the Boston area, and I’m not in ANY rush to take down the outside lights anytime soon! 😀 13 days and counting!!



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