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IMG_2410Through the thousands of hours of media we’ve produced since 2002, we’ve been blessed to introduce people to countless amazing resources that have improved lives.

We created this Resources page to share our all-time favorite tools and resources that cover everything from writing, video, podcasting, and websites to simply growing deeper in your faith and personal life.

Please note that we regularly update this page, so we strongly recommend bookmarking it in your web browser!

(Disclosure: While many of the resources listed on this website are free, some do require purchase. For many that require purchase, we’ve linked to them through affiliate links, which means we’ll earn a small commission at no additional cost to you if you do purchase any of these. As stated above, we recommend these resources because they’ve either been helpful to us, or because we trust the people providing these resources.)

Personal Growth

Read More Books Now

Brandon Vogt wrote the foreword to Greg’s book, “The New Evangelization and You,” and is a personal friend of ours. He’s created an amazing resource in this program that has seriously more than doubled the amount of books we’ve personally read just this year alone! If you’ve always wanted to read more books, Brandon has created this simple program with tons of resources that’ll make an immediate difference.Click this link to start reading more books now!
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New Saint Thomas Institute

“How do I learn more about the Catholic faith?” is one of the most frequent questions we’re asked. Unfortunately, most people simply don’t have time to invest in going back to school. For that reason, Dr. Taylor Marshall started this amazing resource that makes learning the faith easy and accessible through Click this link to start learning through the New Saint Thomas Institute!
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Podcasting A to Z (Training Course)

atozWe’ve been friends with Cliff Ravenscraft since the early days of podcasting and if you’re looking for in-depth step-by-step training with a coach that will walk you through the entire process of creating a launching a dynamic podcast of your own, Cliff’s Podcasting from A to Z class can’t be beat. Click this link and enter TCND at checkout to save $500!



The folks at eCatholic were the very first sponsors of The Catholics Next Door when we rebooted our show as a podcast.  They made it possible for us to transition from satellite radio back into the podcasting world.  But despite their sponsorship, we’d still stand by the fact that their offerings are the best way for Catholic parishes and ministries to create websites quickly and easily.  With a simple drag-in-drop (WYSIWYG) interface, anyone can update eCatholic sites.  They’ve also developed amazing built-in content modules featuring the daily Mass readings, YouTube videos from Fr. Robert Barron, Vatican news, and more. Click here for a 30-day free trial and discover how eCatholic can help!

Website Hosting and Development


bluehost-logo-150x150We’ve used more web hosting companies over the years than we can remember. We switched to Bluehost because we needed hosting that would be reliable, would host multiple websites with a single account, and offered features that are easy to set up. For example, if you want a WordPress-based site like this one, you can literally install it with one click. We also love the fact that if we need tech support, we can get it immediately via chat instead of having to call a phone number (which is also available, if you prefer).  WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND using Bluehost for your first site. Click this link to get a special discount off the regular price!

WordPress Blogging Platform

The #1 Blog Publishing Platform. Free and easily customizable with wonderful support. All of my blogs use WordPress.

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