New Media

How to Subscribe to a Podcast

Despite having become such a prominent form of media first becoming mainstream in 2004/2005, listening to podcasts still confuses many people who are used to just turning on a radio and passively listening to whatever is being broadcast.

Having recently moved from hosting a daily talk show on satellite radio and back to the world of podcasting, many of our radio listeners have been left feeling unnecessarily frustrated at their confusion as to how to even start listening to a show.

To alleviate this, I put together this short video to demystify the experience.  I sincerely hope this helps.  If there are other similar questions you may have about new media (from subscribing to a blog, creating a website, etc.), let me know and maybe I can be of assistance, even if it’s just in making videos similar to this.

Interview: Talking New Media on the Gist

It was a huge honor to recently be interviewed on The Gist, talking about two of my favorite subjects: New Media and New Evangelization.

Kudos to the folks at CatholicTV, as well as the hosts, Danielle Bean, Rachel Balducci, and Carolee McGrath for the fantastic work they do.

My segment starts at the 9:17 mark.

Also, speaking of CatholicTV, if you haven’t yet seen Mass Confusion, the Gabriel and Telly-Award winning sitcom pilot I created, co-wrote, and co-starred in for CatholicTV, you can still view it online at

If you like what you hear, I’d love the opportunity to speak to your organization or group about either of these topics, as well as help your organization to be more effective in using New Media.