Studio Shots

Three Hours of Photos

This morning we decided to take photos from our studio during the broadcast of today’s show and we posted them in realtime over on Facebook (Click here for Greg on Facebook and click here for Jennifer on Facebook).

From this idea I now have a new profile picture I’m using on Facebook. This is pretty much what I look like during most shows:
In addition to this, here are the other pictures we took throughout the day:

Here’s the actual first picture I took using the camera on my computer:

Jennifer talking about having her bookbag stolen in college:

Now Jennifer is talking about when a contractor stole an iPod out of our kitchen.

What our desk looks like during a show:

On break, right before our guest was expected to come on the show. Jennifer said these photos were unflattering, so I made an intentionally unflattering face so she’ll look even better.

We were talking about this book right so I took a picture of it. Need to get Jim Beckman on our show. Here’s a link to buy it. Awesome book called, “God, Help Me.”

This is how I put Jennifer on pause when I want to say something. 🙂

And here’s what Jennifer does when she wants to say something.

And here’s what we normally look like as soon as we finish a 3-hour broadcast:

Unexpected Package

So a few minutes ago I’m in the kitchen, working on show prep for today and tomorrow, when I heard a truck in the driveway.

It was a UPS truck, and yet we haven’t ordered anything.

I was thinking it was probably a book or DVD or something sent to us for The Catholics Next Door, but then the driver got off the truck with a pretty large box.

My first thought was that perhaps either Jennifer or I had ordered something for Christmas, and completed forgot we did, and it was just now showing up.

I took it inside, opened it up, and was totally confused to find a package of newborn diapers.

The invoice slip was hidden in the bottom of the box.  Apparently a good priest friend of ours must have been listening to the show the other day when we said we were still in denial about getting ready for the baby and it was too funny of an opportunity to pass up.

Here’s what the note said:

I hope this helps on the Diaper front!  Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!  Peace, Fr. Bill Kessler

Diapers from a priest.  Never thought I’d see the day.

You rock, Fr. Bill!

How We Do A Radio Show

photo-235My friend Jeb asked how much equipment was between his ear and us doing our radio show on Sirius 159/XM 117. This video will hopefully answer the question.

Show Prep

I imagine this week I’ll be taking a lot of random photos while Father Roderick is visiting. Also, since he’s actually sleeping in the studio, we’ll be trading off on different computers so he can check his email and stuff.

Anyway, here’s Father, minutes before we go live on today’s edition of The Catholics Next Door.

Baby Girl’s Room

We bought sheets this weekend for the nursery, as well as a crib mattress and diaper changing pad.

It’s looking more like an actual bedroom with every passing day.

Thanks to all of our guests from the last few days. Here are links to our guests, as well as things we’ve been talking about:

Also, here is the list of Board Games that were recommended to us:

  • Ticket to Ride
  • Settlers of Cataan
  • Go To The Head of the Class
  • Sorry
  • Pictionary
  • Guess Who?
  • Apples to Apples
  • ImagineIff
  • Statego

Technical Difficulties

So we’re coasting along, have a great ol’ show today on The Catholics Next Door when suddenly *BAM!* the ISDN line died.

We were talking about the 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit, getting ready to speak with Tim Drake and then later on Fr. Dwight Longenecker, and then without warning, we were left hanging out in space, with callers on the line who were hoping to win a copy of That Catholic Show on DVD.

At least our dog stuck by us as we suffered this senseless disruption of the ISDN line.

This is the first time we’ve had to deal with complete and total ISDN disruption.  Hopefully it’ll be the last!

Sorry for the inconvenience, folks!  If we can get the line working again, we’ll be back on the air shortly.  Otherwise, we’ll be back tomorrow!

Why we need to be recycling.

These are all of our show notes that have been printed since we started broadcasting on The Catholic Channel on September 3rd. That’s a whole lotta paper.

New Couch, Jennifer’s Drink, and Links a Lot

This morning I’m sitting on our brand new sectional sofa. We’re loving this thing. We actually have enough room now that the whole family can have a seat in the living room. It’s quite comfortable.

While I’m working away, Jennifer comes in carrying a cup of froo-froo coffee.

She’s quite proud.

She took a normal cup of coffee, sprayed whipped cream on the top, and then sprinkled cinnamon on it. Cinnamon in coffee just doesn’t sound right to me.

She was so happy with her creation she wanted a picture of it. From the angle I took the photo, it looks like Jody is sitting on top of her drink.

Since we had the camera out, Jennifer took a picture of me working on show prep while sitting on our new sectional sofa. Did I mention we’re loving this thing? Pretty sure I did, but again, we’re loving this thing.

As evidenced in the next picture, plenty of room, even when a guy like me is taking up a considerable amount of space.

And lastly, this photo was for Jackie, our phone screener/board operator/and occasional producer. She’s producing our show while Adam Hamway, our regular producer, is traipsing around Syria (yes, Syria) for the next couple of weeks.

During the program today, Jody our dog kept whimpering, begging for attention. Jackie wanted to see what Jody looked like, so here’s the picture I took and sent to her.

Shortly after the program, Jody puked up grass on our carpet.

Also, in case you didn’t write down some of the recent links to stuff we’ve talked about, here are some recent things we’ve mentioned on The Catholics Next Door:

The Project That Ate The Kitchen

Two weeks ago last night our friend Moose can over and we started a simple project to extend a cable in our living room wall from Point A to Point B.

Should have been simple enough.

Alas, two weeks later what was a simple job in the living room now includes almost all of the furniture in our living room having been given away, painters taking over the house, wallpaper being ripped from walls in two bathrooms and the kitchen, and in the next few days, a new room being finished off where currently stands our screened-in porch.

When we started today’s program, we had full wallpaper in the kitchen. As you can see from the picture above (taken right after the show) and below-right (actually taken during one of breaks at the top of the hour), significantly more progress has been made than we expected.

Got to say, it’ll be really interesting having paint in the kitchen and bathrooms.

It was also a lot of fun to have Moose stop by the studio and join us for today’s program. Great guy, this coffee-man. And he can get away with wearing yellow shirts quite well (see below)!

Thanks, also, to Fr. Bill Kessler for being our regular Monday guest again. Be sure to check out Fr. Bill’s Technopriest podcast over at SQPN!

And lastly, the picture all the way at the bottom shows just how long Jennifer’s hair is getting. Very, very long.

I cannot relate to long hair.

Lightsaber Friday

Star Wars: The Clone Wars, a brand new weekly television series, premieres tonight on The Cartoon Network. Greg is quite excited about it, mainly because it’ll be the first time he gets to experience a brand new Star Wars production with his boys.

Until now, he’s only gotten to expose them to the original flicks, but we’re very hopeful that this new Star Wars TV series will become a part of our Friday Family Fun Night tradition, at least for our older two boys.

To make it even more exciting, during today’s broadcast a package arrived for Greg from Cartoon Network with press materials and a screener DVD of the new show.

As shown in the image above, the disk arrived in a much bigger than expected box.

Inside the box, was a new lightsaber – with sounds and spring action!

Greg was excited.

We had a super fun show today, and not just because of the Star Wars surprise package.

Joining us as usual on Fridays was our good friend Father Leo Patalinghug. Be sure to check out his webisodes over at Grace Before Meals, including the webisode we discussed with the recipe for grilled beer sausage!

In addition to Star Wars, we also talked about one of Greg’s other favorite subjects: Beer!

David Krebs from Manhattan Beer Distributors gave us some great suggestions for new brews. And thanks to listener Steve (couldn’t remember his name the other day – sorry Steve!) for suggesting Hale’s Pale Ale again. If you’re interested in what makes different beers have their unique tastes, be sure to check out the awesome frequently asked questions page for PDFs on different types of beer.

Have an awesome weekend, everyone! I’m sure we’ll be posting miscellaneous photos here until we talk to you again on Monday’s program.

Strong Woman

Well, thanks to Dr. Meg Meeker, one of our guests today, I think I’m actually starting to look forward to having a baby girl, and not just another baby.  Dr. Meeker has written a ton on the subject of raising kids, including Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters, as well as the new book, Boys Should Be Boys.  Super books, both!

We also spoke with Phil Lenahan, author of 7 Steps to Become Financially Free: A Catholic Guide to Managing Your Money.  Be sure to check out Veritas Financial Ministry for more information about getting out of debt and using your money wisely according to Scripture and Catholic teachings.

And thanks to the caller (Bob? Rob? Don?  I’m terrible about remembering names) who suggested I check out Hale’s Pale Ale.  I’m going to track it down!

Magnificat, Bible Studies, and a Gross Picture

Amazing topics on today’s show. For those of you keeping track, Universalis is the place I recommended for Liturgy of the Hours online. Someone else called in and recommended eBreviery (sorry, I can’t remember who it was!)

Thanks to Paul Snatchko from Magnificat Magazine for stopping by the program, as well. You can request a free sample copy of Magnificat from the link above, or by calling 866-273-5215.

While discussing potential Bible Studies, Deacon Bob from New Jersey called in and recommended the Ignatius Study Bible, which, to my surprise, I discovered we already own several copies of this. Guess I should open them up again! Oops! I thought these were more like the Navarre Bible series, but apparently there’s an actual study section to them, too. Go figure! Thanks, Deacon Bob, for the heads up!

Thanks also to Fr. Bill Kessler from the Technopriest Podcast for his regular Monday morning visit to explain Sunday’s Gospel to us!

OK, so onto the pictures for today, including the gross one we promised. We’ll save that one for last.

For starters, the above is today’s studio shot taken during the show. It’s a prayer card of Pope John Paul II. It actually belongs to our friend Paul Camarata (from the SaintCast Podcast). We had a close call with Jennifer’s pregnancy a few months ago, and Paul gave this card to Jennifer. It’s actually a relic (third class, I believe) of Pope John Paul II, taken from one of his garments.

Anyway, Jennifer put it on our desk the other day, and it’s nice have JP2 staring at us during the show.

Paul – um – I guess we should probably send this back to you, eh?

Oh, and that’s not the gross picture we mentioned.

Below, for our producer Adam, is a photo of a Cheesy Biscuit with Butter from a local BBQ restaurant. During a break, Jennifer and I were talking about how hungry we were. When Adam was here during our first week of shows, we took him to this restaurant. He remembered the Cheesy Biscuits and today he reminded us of them. So we went and got some. And then we sent him this picture to taunt him.

This isn’t the gross picture, either.

OK, this, too, isn’t the gross picture. But we’re getting closer. This is our dog Jody. Oftentimes during a broadcast, she comes into the room looking very needy. This means if we don’t pet her, she’ll start making noises. While we’re on the air. That wouldn’t be good. So we pet her. A lot.

Lately, Jody has had nasty dry skin. When we scratch her back to keep her quiet, she sheds. A lot.

Now THIS is the gross picture, at least to me. During every show, I put my laptop on the ground behind me. So it’s there on the carpet, out of harm’s way.

So during today’s show, I’m petting Jody for about five minutes to keep her quiet until we go to break when I can take her downstairs and distract her somehow.

After just a few minutes of petting her, my laptop was covered with shedded dog hair, and flakes of nasty dry dead dog skin.

You can’t see it very well in this smaller picture, but click on it and see it bigger. I dare you.

To some, this is probably no big deal. But this is probably the hardest part of having a dog to me. Hair, hair, everywhere. The sheer amount of shedding is just utterly disgusting, especially with the added doggie dandruff.