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Singing Jennifer

Jennifer is singing. It’s for tomorrow’s show. You’ll have to tune in to hear it 🙂

Sunday’s Dinner: Homemade Sliders

We REALLY didn’t need to know this was possible. I really didn’t need to know how easy it was to make these things.

On Friday’s show we discussed what we’d be eating for dinner this week. I was brainstorming some dinner ideas to save Jennifer the brain cells, and I came up with the idea of making homemade sliders. Basically, these are little cheeseburgers.

Back in college after a late night of…we’ll just call it studying…I often went to White Castle and would get a bag of their mini-cheeseburgers, affectionately known as “sliders,” because of the way their greasiness made them slide so easily through one’s digestive track.

As I’ve gotten older, I try to avoid these things. Down here in the south we don’t have White Castle, but we do have Krystal, which I consider to be a sub-par knock-off.

But now, I feel like I don’t need either. We can make our own, and they were far superior to both.

The way we did it was pretty easy.

We started with 2.25 pounds of hamburger and flattened it out into a great big flat rectangle. I then cut the hamburger into 18 somewhat equally sized patties. I knew they’d shrink during cooking, so I made the patties a little larger than the size of the bun.

The boys wouldn’t like onions, but the way they did it at White Castle was to actually cook the hamburger on a bed of onions. We chopped up enough onions for me and Jennifer, and let me tell you, this way was FAR superior to the ones without onions. I tried both, and the onions were incredible.

We chopped up the onions very small, and very, very fine. Then we spread out a generous bed of chopped onions on the griddle and placed three patties directly on the onions so both cooked together. The other patties we just fried on the griddle.

I flipped them back and forth until they were pretty much done and then put a layer of cheese on each of them.

We used King’s Hawaiian Butter rolls, sliced in half, for the buns.

Pure bliss.

Tommy whined and complained until he saw how much his brothers loved them, and then he finally relented and ended up liking them, too.

To make things even worse for our dietary needs, we fried homemade potato chips.

It was unreal. They were just too stinking good. We don’t need to be doing this too often.

Breakfast at Chik-Fil-A Dwarf House

All you can eat Chik-Fil-A chicken on Saturday mornings. ‘Nuff said.

Notes from Friday, September 5, 2009

Thanks to Angel Aloma from Food for the Poor. If you can, please help them!

And, as promised, here’s the Willits Menu for next week. Maybe it’ll help in your menu planning:

  • Arroz con Pollo
  • Grilled Kilbasa with onions and peppers
  • Pork Chops with Grilled Potatoes
  • Rice and Eggs
  • Bean Soup and a Loaf of Fresh Bread
  • Homemade Sliders (Burgers on the griddle with Hawaiian Sweet Bread Rolls) and homemade chips
  • Family Fun Night (probably pizza takeout)
  • Thanks for hanging out with the Catholics Next Door. We’ll talk to you Monday morning at 10AM EST with a brand new show!

Other pleasant duties of a radio producer’s job

“Yo, Adam the Producer, I’m not feeling funny this morning. Tickle my feet, will ya?”

Guests From Thursday, September 4, 2008

Video Still From Catholics Come Home

Video Still From Catholics Come Home

Thanks to Tom Peterson from CatholicsComeHome.org for joining us on the program today.  Be sure to check out the amazing videos at their website.

Also, be sure to check out That Catholic Show!

We want “the unseen episode” to go viral when we release it.

And lastly, sorry we forgot to reveal the sex of the baby.  We’ll be sure to do that tomorrow 😉

Good Thing We’re Not In The Cloffice

As we’re getting into the groove of the daily talk show, I’m more and more glad that we moved our office and recording gear out of the cloffice (our master bedroom closet/office) and into the bonus room upstairs.

Especially with Adam our producer here this week, the extra space has been great, and the desk we got for the studio has worked out exactly as we hoped it would.  Jennifer and I can do the show while facing each other, and if we have a guest, such as Adam, he can still work at the end of the table.

At the moment, I’m sitting on the studio futon (something else I’m VERY glad we got), putting the finishing touches on today’s shownotes.  But I looked up and had to chuckle (yes, I use the word chuckle) at the sight of our busy little office.

But we need a name for the studio/bonus room/office.



Hmm.  They just don’t have the same ring to it as “cloffice” had.

Paper Weaponry

Sam’s latest creation. He saw a picture of a Gatling gun and decided to make his own to add to his collection of paper guns, swords, and other items if destruction. It used to scare us, but now we marvel at his ability to make 3D representations of just about anything simply with paper and tape.

Minutes to go

We’re about to launch. Producer Adam just took this picture. Here we go!

Wacky Willits Wednesday

Jennifer just came walking into the studio decked out for our official premiere broadcast of The Catholics Next Door. I was fine before, but now I’m worried. Our dog is apparently worried, too.

Producing with the Producer

Our producer Adam arrived about an hour ago from The Catholic Channel in New York. We’re working on getting everything ready for tomorrow’s launch of the new show.

This is Adam, on the phone, looking busy.

Those are our show notes on my computer. I should be working on those.

The way we do phone interviews

We were just on “Seize the Day” with Gus Lloyd on Sirius 159 – The Catholic Channel.

We were supposed to connect via the ISDN studio hook-up, but we have a couple of ISDN issues we apparently need to work through today (prayers would be appreciated).

Whenever Jennifer and I do a phone interview, we can’t be in the same room or else you’ll hear the echo of us both talking on separate phones. So instead, we go to different rooms and use iChat to see each other during the interview so we don’t talk over each other (too much).

Here was my view during this morning’s interview.

And for the record, we refuse to get in the middle of Gus Lloyd and Lino Rulli! They may try to drag us in, but we’re not going there (hopefully). 🙂

Early morning view from the studio

We’ll be on Gus Lloyd’s Seize the Day program on the Catholic Channel in just over an hour. Then on Bob Dunning’s Across the Nation at 3:30 this afternoon.

I’m up in the studio to make sure our gear is ready.

Producer Adam arrives this afternoon and will be in the studio with us until Friday.

Should be a fun, exciting, and BUSY week. Can’t believe the show launches tomorrow!