Demo Show on Sirius

We had a great time in New York this past weekend and it was a huge honor to be in the studio of The Catholic Channel at Sirius Satellite Radio. Receive UpdatesNo spam guarantee.

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Recording at The Catholic Channel

Before I forget, here’s a photo of Jennifer right before we started our live demo broadcast on 7/26/08 in The Catholic Channel studio at Sirius in New York. She hates this photo of her. I think she may have asked me to remove it from the site. I can’t remember if I removed it or...

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The Catholics Next Door

Greetings, folks. Welcome to GregandJennifer.com. A wee bit pretentious name for a website, eh? Well, the alternative was BrunetteandBaldGuy.com and that just didn’t sound right. You may be here because of our daily talk show, The Catholics Next Door with Greg and Jennifer Willits (thus, the address of this website) or perhaps from our non-profit...

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The studio futon

Sunday morning. We went to Mass last night so we’re hanging out in the studio and Jennifer is breaking in the new futon. Receive UpdatesNo spam guarantee.

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Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream Yummy

Haven’t made this desert in years. Between this and carrot cake, these have been my two birthday choices my entire life. Made it for Labor Day tomorrow, but me thinks I’m going to test it right now. It may look ugly, but it is frozen perfection. By popular demand, here’s the recipe: Ingredients: 1/2 Gallon...

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Greg’s way of wearing headphones

A lot of times when Greg wears his headphones, he often swings the earcup thingies behind his ears for a most comical look. But really it’s his attempt of trying to listen to me and some audio program at the same time. Some how I think he still tunes me out. Receive UpdatesNo spam guarantee.

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