Good Thing We’re Not In The Cloffice

As we’re getting into the groove of the daily talk show, I’m more and more glad that we moved our office and recording gear out of the cloffice (our master bedroom closet/office) and into the bonus room upstairs.

Especially with Adam our producer here this week, the extra space has been great, and the desk we got for the studio has worked out exactly as we hoped it would.  Jennifer and I can do the show while facing each other, and if we have a guest, such as Adam, he can still work at the end of the table.

At the moment, I’m sitting on the studio futon (something else I’m VERY glad we got), putting the finishing touches on today’s shownotes.  But I looked up and had to chuckle (yes, I use the word chuckle) at the sight of our busy little office.

But we need a name for the studio/bonus room/office.



Hmm.  They just don’t have the same ring to it as “cloffice” had.

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5 comments on Good Thing We’re Not In The Cloffice

  1. Zina says:

    How about the offutondio? Stutondice?

  2. Matthew S says:

    I think you should dedicate it to St. Boniface but you could call it
    The St. Bonoffice Catholic Recording studio

    Under the Mercy,

    Matthew S

  3. Lavona says:

    how about the broffice (bonus room office)

  4. I’m still keeping my “save the cloffice shirt”!

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