Kid-Friendly Computer Options

lexibookOn today’s program we discussed several free resources for protecting your children online. Here are some links from a recent PCWorld Article:

Quintura – Safe search engine for kids
Kid’oz – Free and safe kid’s web browser (requires Adobe Air)
KidZui – Another kid’s web browser
OpenDNS – What PCWorld called “The Big Gun.” Free server-level filtering for your home.

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2 comments on Kid-Friendly Computer Options

  1. Rich says:

    OpenDNS is AWESOME
    not only is it kid safe… BUT it is general safe computing.
    Phishing scams, clickjacking, etc are all harder when you use OpenDNS

  2. elaine says:

    I am definitely going to check all these sites out. With 5 girls and 4 who actively use my computer it is SO IMPORTANT for them to NOT see inappropriate stuff that is out there. Heck, I really don’t want to see most of what is out there 😉

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