Producing with the Producer

Our producer Adam arrived about an hour ago from The Catholic Channel in New York. We’re working on getting everything ready for tomorrow’s launch of the new show.

This is Adam, on the phone, looking busy.

Those are our show notes on my computer. I should be working on those.

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

One comment on “Producing with the Producer

  1. Bob Kenward says:

    Hi Greg and Jennifer. Nice site and yes the website name is much better than brunette and baldy. I’ll try and catch you in the car on my lunch hour. Maybe you’ll be like Lino and have your own fan page. Look forward to the show. You should condense the whole show into the noon hour. Talk fast. You can do it. Unfortunately I don’t have a stilleto (yet). Whatever happens, Lino will always have the best show and Gus a close second. Hope you don’t mind being third. But, I am guessing that the top three shows will be too close to call. Oops, I forgot about Dunning, Father Dave, and the Popceks. They are all number three too. You have a bunch of great people working with you. I am happy for you. Good luck.

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