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Unexpected Package

So a few minutes ago I’m in the kitchen, working on show prep for today and tomorrow, when I heard a truck in the driveway.

It was a UPS truck, and yet we haven’t ordered anything.

I was thinking it was probably a book or DVD or something sent to us for The Catholics Next Door, but then the driver got off the truck with a pretty large box.

My first thought was that perhaps either Jennifer or I had ordered something for Christmas, and completed forgot we did, and it was just now showing up.

I took it inside, opened it up, and was totally confused to find a package of newborn diapers.

The invoice slip was hidden in the bottom of the box.  Apparently a good priest friend of ours must have been listening to the show the other day when we said we were still in denial about getting ready for the baby and it was too funny of an opportunity to pass up.

Here’s what the note said:

I hope this helps on the Diaper front!  Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!  Peace, Fr. Bill Kessler

Diapers from a priest.  Never thought I’d see the day.

You rock, Fr. Bill!

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

  1. Ah! That was really a wonderful surprise!! Love it!

  2. re: “Diapers from a priest. Never thought I’d see the day.”
    Better than diapers on a priest. :-O
    The power of the preposition.

  3. maddog77

    January 6, 2009

    I remember the days of Diapers, long since gone now, enjoy it, you’ll miss it some day. Peace

  4. One of the bests gifts I recieved after the birth of our third child was a ginormous bag of diapers and some wipes. Great idea.

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