Willits Family Circa 2004 (VIDEO)

Sam making a faceI came across some old videos we’d made years ago and this one, in particular, has always been one of our favorites.
Basically, it’s just a montage of different clips from the year Tommy was born.
Sam losing his first tooth. Walt with a broken leg.
Lots of early memories all blended together using a soundtrack by Colin Hay from Men at Work. Enjoy!

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

3 comments on Willits Family Circa 2004 (VIDEO)

  1. Jim says:

    Very nice. Makes me want to pull out those old videos and step back a few years. Beautiful.

  2. Daniel S. says:

    Excellent montage! It makes me want to go through my family’s home videos and take a trip down memory lane! Wonderful. Keep up the great work!

  3. Niall Mor says:

    What a sweet little video! You have a wonderful family, Greg. God Bless You All.

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