ADV #008: How the Cookie Crumbles

Don’t tell a man he can’t do something, Theme Song, Editing Woes, New Contest, Being a Man of the New Evangelization, Emotional Week, and Cookies.

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Posted by Greg
December 17, 2012
  • theandricmusic says:

    Thanks for allowing me to contribute to another great episode!

    FYI – you need to fix the broken link above to

    I hereby accept the challenge for TCND 3.0!

  • Greg Willits says:

    Oops! Sorry about that, I fixed it! Glad you’re up for 3.0! Something to think about, too. While a longer version is good, think 15-30 second version, too. Regular listeners of the show want to get right to the show. They’ll listen to a short intro on each episode, but not a long one. BUT, sometimes hearing a longer version of a theme song is also interesting (for example the theme songs to M*A*S*H* or Friends, etc., all have longer versions that had radio play, but the show intros themselves were relatively short.)

  • rockanne says:

    I love that Lilly. She is awesome. That is freaky smart. Love it.

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