July 29

ADV #052: Be a Spiritual Leader

Adventures in Imperfect Living Catholic Podcast


Greg shares what it’s like to give a sex talk about Natural Family Planning in front of his parents, Mac Barron calls in to actually complement Greg, and Greg and Jennifer answer questions for a book about how husbands and wives can be a spiritual leader for each other and their children.

Some of the questions we discussed include:

    1. Key differences in spiritual leadership roles between husbands and wives.
    2. What should a husband’s/father’s leadership role look like?
    3. What should a wife’s/mother’s leadership role look like?
    4. Ways that husbands and wives can work together to balance their roles as spiritual leaders in your household.
    5. What can couples do when they feel like they are ‘stepping on one another’s toes’ when it comes to one another’s spiritual duties?
    6. How does our Catholic faith enlighten us in regard to how husbands can best spiritually lead their families and what role the husband and wife has in spiritual leadership?
    7. What are some activities/practices/characteristics that both the husband and the wife should share in equally when it comes to spiritually leading their families?
    8. What are your “top leadership qualities/virtues” that a strong spiritual husband/father and wife/mother of the family should possess?

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Catholic in a Small Town with Mac and Katherine Barron

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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