ADV #256: Disorder Dilemma

Walter Reacts to That Catholic Show

Our son Walter surprised us with a couple funny video "reactions" of him checking out old episodes of our That Catholic Show video series.  Watch Walter's videos here:

Walter's Patreon Page (Help support a young pup)
Walt's YouTube Channel
Walter Reacts to TCS Episode 1
Walter Reacts to TCS Episode 2

Six Weeks of Giving

We're six weeks into the 2019 New Evangelizers Giving Campaign and last week saw just $325 raised.  Help us raise the remaining $65,000 EMERGENCY funds to continue operating these important 501(c)3 ministries.

Transgenderism and the Meaning of Life

We dive into a deep and controversial topic to discuss the definition of disorders and the role God plays in the lives of people who suffer from various disorders.

Posted by Greg
December 11, 2018