Many Much Moosen

Remembering Fr. Leo Stelten

Our dear family friend, Fr. Leo Stelten, died at age 93 on December 30.  He married off 3 of the 6 kids in Greg's family (including Greg and Jennifer) and played a major role in Greg's life.  We share some of the many ways Fr. Leo impacted the Willits family.

Book mentioned: Dictionary of Ecclestiastical Latin by Fr. Leo Stelten

Catching Up With Moose

We have a great time catching up with our dear friend, Moose.  Years ago Moose owned a coffeehouse in Georgia where Greg spent countless hours doing showing prep and other work for Rosary Army and SQPN.  We talk the importance of journaling, our faith, and our longtime friendship.

Product mentioned: Shinola journal (the one Moose uses)

Posted by Greg
January 8, 2019