May 22

Rhythm of Work and Life

Adventures in Imperfect Living Catholic Podcast


Fear of Happiness

We return from a long needed family vacation and discuss the need for rest, and how to overcome the fear that often keeps us from seeking happiness in life.  This also includes a discussion about not only being wise stewards of the gifts God gives us, but also being willing to actually enjoy the gifts when they're given.

Of Mantas, Sharks, and Dolphins

Our trip to the beach was surprisingly full of wildlife encounters, including that of ridiculous selfie-hunting beach goers.

Why Our Radio Show Ended and Being Grateful

After nearly seven years, a news story from last week made it possible for us to share more of the behind the scenes reasons as to why our radio show ended in 2012, and how that cancellation has lead to years of suffering, but suffering for which we are now very grateful for.  

About the author 


Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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