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Bonus Minutes for Co-Producers!

This week we share the exciting news that co-producers will get bonus exclusive minutes with every episode of Adventures in Imperfect Living.  Become a co-producer for as little as $5/month and get exclusive bonus content, advanced previews, behind the scenes videos, live streams, and rewards such as SWAG in the mail, coffee mugs, and more! Click here to get immediate access to this week's bonus content!

Back on SiriusXM - The Catholic Channel!

In addition to the bonus content for co-producers, starting this week our show will now be available on The Catholic Channel on SiriusXM ON DEMAND.  It is exciting for us to have our show back on The Catholic Channel!

Raising Adult Children 

We talk about the latest developments with educating our two teens left at home, and in our bonus segment this week we dive into the challenges of raising adult children, and how to develop strong communication and trust.

Posted by Greg
May 28, 2019