The Frail Trail

Web Design Headaches

Greg ponders why it was once so easy to make websites twenty years ago and why it seems to take him forever to make one today.  Is it age, boredom, or the technology?

Exercise Feedback

We heard from listeners who encouraged our exercise goals based on their own experiences as both someone trying to avoid "the frail trail" as well as a physical therapist.

Links mentioned:
Choosing the Strong Path (affiliate link)
Self-Treat Low Pack Pain YouTube Playlist

Jennifer's Mother Comes to Visit

Even months after Jennifer's mother moved out of our house and into her brother's, there is still stress that accompanies a visit.  We candidly share the continued difficulties of learning how to deal with an aging parent.

Bonus Content 

This week's bonus segment for our co-producers and SiriusXM ON DEMAND listeners has Greg's buddy, Mac Barron, joining Greg to discuss C.S. Lewis and entertainment.

Posted by Greg
July 9, 2019