The $2000 Lemon, Woes of a Veteran Podcaster, and Daddy Daughter Day

Ben and Tom turned 17 and 15 last April and now go to a high school that requires us to drive them 20 minutes each way every day.  With Ben on an after school robotics team, there are days we make this trip 3 times, plus Tommy has to go to work four days a week.  So to cut down on driving, we bought a secondhand car so Ben can finally get his license.  It all goes down from there.

Plus, Mac and Greg’s new podcast “Watch a Movie with Mac and Greg” is off to a great start, but would be doing even better if Greg hadn’t messed up the recordings of three episodes so far.

Lastly, in an effort to give our kids one-on-one time, Lily planned a daddy/daughter day with Greg.

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Posted by Greg
August 20, 2019