August 4

Conversation with Bishop Athanasius Schneider

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A Conversation with Bishop Athansius Scheneider regarding the Traditional Latin Mass and Communion on the Tongue.  Plus, Rosary Army Island on Animal Crossing, a Funeral for a Friend, and more!


  • 0:00 –  They’ve been married for quite awhile…
  • 0:36 – On this week’s show
  • 1:29 – We LOVE our co-producers!
  • 2:48 – Voicemail: Jim – Reverence and Productivity
  • 7:53 – Rosary Army Island in Animal Crossing
  • 15:35 – Avoiding Small Talk at Mass
  • 17:45 – Reverence, a Funeral, and the Folding of the Flag
  • 36:33 – Bishop Athanasius Schneider and Christus Vincit
  • 1:02:13 – Interview with Bishop Athanasius Schneider
  • 1:56:09 – Wrap It Up.
  • 1:57:29 – Thanks to Patreon Co-Producers
  • 1:57:29 – Please pray for our family
  • 1:57:56 – You are awesome.

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