August 30

Mrs. Willits Goes to School

Adventures in Imperfect Living Catholic Podcast, Podcasts


Jennifer goes back to school (sort of), we marvel at the cost of the upcoming Star Wars hotel, and a priest banned Greg from a video game.

Adventures in Imperfect Living

  • 0:00 –  They’ve been married for quite awhile…
  • 0:36 – On this week’s show
  • 00:50 – Sponsor: WillitsWorks
  • 1:03 – Join our Patreon Community
  • 1:26 – Jennifer Goes Back to School (Sort of)
  • 35:36 – Star Wars Hotel
  • 55:29 – Confessional Video Game Ban
  • 1:09:57 – Wrap It Up
  • 1:10:37 – Send in your feedback
  • 1:11:12 – Keep the show going!
  • 1:11:33 – Obligatory closing verbiage

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