November 29

Get Back with the Beatles

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Get back with the Beatles, Joyful Mysteries Mug, College boy home for Thanksgiving, and important dates for Catholics.

Adventures in Imperfect Living

  • 0:00 –  They’ve been married for quite awhile…
  • 0:36 – On this week’s show
  • 1:21 – A Talky Talk Show
  • 2:18 – Joyful Mysteries Fun Stuff
  • 7:42 – The Beatles Get Back and the Creative Process
  • 24:07 – Ben came home from college!
  • 39:52 – Surprise Friendsgiving
  • 43:00 – Daily Mass Readings 2022 Reference Guide
  • 45:06 – USCCB Liturgical Calendar PDF and important dates for 2022
  • 52:11 – Advent has begun
  • 58:09 – An important CTA – Please support Rosary Army
  • 1:03:38 – Wrap it up

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Advent, Get Back, joyful mysteries, Rosary Army, Thanksgiving, The Beatles, USCCB

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