January 3

Tommy Tighe and St. Dymphna’s Playbook for Mental Health

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Catholic Hipster Tommy Tighe, St. Dymphna’s playbook, Finding mental and emotional well-being from a Catholic perspective.

Adventures in Imperfect Living

  • 0:00 –  They’ve been married for quite awhile…
  • 0:36 – On this week’s show
  • 1:12 – Why we wouldn’t talk about mental health
  • 2:40 – Introducing Tommy Tighe
  • 4:03 – Tommy Tighe and St. Dymphna’s Playbook
  • 53:51 – Mental Health and Sainthood
  • 55:13 – A Difficult Conversation
  • 1:17:37 – Instead of a gym membership…
  • 1:18:14 – Wrap it up

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Tommy Tighe

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