May 14

Marriage in a Throwaway Society

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What are the Goods of Marriage in a Throwaway Society? We’ll discuss what are the goods of Marriage, how do we treasure them, and what is a throwaway society. Dr. Peter Kwasniewski helps us answer these questions and more.


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Adventures in Imperfect Living welcomes Dr. Peter Kwasniewski, author of the new book “Treasuring the Goods of Marriage in a Throwaway Society.” This powerful book explores the rich teachings of the Catholic Church on matrimony, religious life, and the priesthood.

In this episode, Dr. Kwasniewski draws on sources from across time and space, including ancient and modern, pagan and Christian, Eastern and Western, to discuss:

  • The four types of marriage and why marriage is noble
  • The pulsating heart of marriage and family, and what marriage cannot exist without
  • Lessons we can learn from the marriage of Mary and Joseph
  • The two greatest mercies of God
  • How to explain the meaning of sexuality to children
  • Arguments and replies regarding priestly celibacy

Dr. Kwasniewski demonstrates how the dignity of marriage and family and the evils that threaten them – such as pornography, self-gratification, premarital sex, divorce, contraception, and abortion – can and should be viewed not only in terms of what they are but also in terms of what they signify spiritually and cosmically.

In a world that is becoming increasingly totalitarian and hostile to the sacramental dignity of the human body, this book serves as a beacon of hope and renewal for those who seek to uphold the wisdom of Holy Mother Church. Dr. Kwasniewski’s insights will inspire and challenge listeners to reexamine their own views on marriage, family, and religious life.

Listeners of Adventures in Imperfect Living will not want to miss this thought-provoking conversation with Dr. Peter Kwasniewski. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the teachings of the Catholic Church on marriage and family, and to gain practical insights for how to live these teachings out in daily life.

If you’re a fan of Catholic podcasts, then Adventures in Imperfect Living is a must-listen. Hosted by Greg and Jennifer Willits, this show offers a unique perspective on faith, family, and life in general. With a focus on honesty, humor, and authenticity, the Willitses tackle a wide range of topics, from marriage and parenting to pop culture and current events. With their engaging style and deep knowledge of the Catholic faith, Greg and Jennifer are sure to inspire and entertain listeners of all backgrounds. So whether you’re a longtime fan of Catholic podcasts or just getting started, be sure to tune in to Adventures in Imperfect Living.

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