June 5


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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the challenges life keeps throwing at you? Looking for some inspiration and hope to keep going? Look no further! Episode 480 of Rosary Army’s “Adventures in Imperfect Living” Catholic podcast is here to lift your spirits and provide a much-needed boost of encouragement.

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Titled “Life…Continued,” this episode dives headfirst into the ongoing struggles that have been testing our resolve as a family. But fear not, because amidst the chaos, we’ve also experienced some incredible breakthroughs that have renewed our hope and strengthened our bond.

Join us as we share personal stories and listener feedback, discussing the unique challenges of parenting young adult children. We tackle the hurdles that arise when navigating their transition into adulthood and provide practical insights for maintaining a loving and supportive relationship during this transformative phase.

In this episode, we also offer exciting updates on the School of Mary, a project near and dear to our hearts. Discover how this initiative is progressing and how it aims to empower individuals to deepen their faith and embrace the beauty of Catholicism.

With every heartfelt conversation, witty banter, and genuine insights, we strive to create a relatable and engaging experience for our listeners. You’ll find yourself nodding along, laughing at our relatable mishaps, and feeling inspired by our shared victories.

So, if you’re seeking a source of motivation and a reminder that you’re not alone in facing life’s challenges, tune in to this episode of “Adventures in Imperfect Living.” Whether you prefer to watch it on our captivating YouTube channel or listen to the podcast, this episode promises to reignite your hope and leave you feeling energized to tackle whatever life throws your way.

Don’t miss outβ€”join us on this incredible journey of imperfect living, growth, and unyielding faith. Click that play button and let’s embark on “Life…Continued” together!

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Continued challenges are leaving us overwhelmed but hopeful as our family has some positive breakthroughs and a few more hurdles.

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