December 18

Advent Confessions

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Christmas is close, but we’re still in Advent. Why is it so difficult to focus on Advent, and what are we doing about it?

Join Greg and Jennifer Willits in this candid and hilarious YouTube episode as they share the unfiltered realities of their marriage during the Advent season. From coffee carafes to leaking litter boxes, the couple takes you on a journey through the quirks of their daily life. Discover the unexpected comedy of toilet seat wars and closet light dramas, and get a glimpse behind the scenes as Greg tackles the challenges of running a nonprofit during the festive season. With plenty of laughter and genuine moments, this video is a delightful mix of holiday chaos and heartwarming reflections. Don’t miss out on the fun – hit play now and join Greg and Jennifer for an entertaining and real Advent experience! #AdventConfessions #MarriageReality #ChristmasChaos


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In this lively podcast episode, Rosary Army founders Greg and Jennifer Willits share their thoughts on various topics, ranging from their unique wedding gift twenty-eight years ago of a stainless steel coffee carafe to the challenges of household responsibilities. Amid discussions about coffee and marital quirks, Greg and Jennifer touch on their daily chores, including the subtle dynamics of task distribution in their home.

Advent and Daily Life

Greg expresses his feeling of Advent being overshadowed by a busy schedule, citing a morning meeting that disrupted the usual contemplative atmosphere of the season. Despite the hectic pace, the couple finds humor and connection in their daily activities, offering listeners a glimpse into the lighthearted moments that define their Advent season.

The Coffee Carafe Saga

Part of the episode is dedicated to the beloved stainless steel coffee carafe given to them as a wedding gift twenty-eight years ago. The couple reminisces about the friend who gifted it and how the carafe has become a symbol of their enduring marriage. However, they candidly share their dismay as the carafe starts leaking a mysterious black substance, contemplating whether it’s time for Santa Claus to bring them a replacement.

Household Duties and Quirks

The conversation takes a humorous turn as Greg and Jennifer delve into household responsibilities and the unwritten rules that have evolved over their 28 years of marriage. From the peculiar dynamics of cleaning the litter box to the comedic episode of lights being left on, the couple navigates the intricacies of sharing household duties. Jennifer takes the opportunity to suggest a practical yet unconventional Christmas gift – a soft-close toilet seat to mitigate the noisy lid closing.

Advent and the Giving Campaign

Amidst the domestic anecdotes, the couple addresses the challenges of running a nonprofit, Rosary Army, and the annual Advent Giving Campaign. Greg opens up about the stress of fundraising and the difficulty of fully embracing the Advent season while juggling financial responsibilities. The episode provides insights into the behind-the-scenes struggles of managing a nonprofit organization during the holiday season.


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