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Exodus 90, Latin Mass, and Jennifer Wears a Veil

After recording last week’s show, Greg got a phone call that changed his plans for the next 90 days.  He’s now joined a group of men going through Exodus 90, which means no TV, movies, video games, alcohol and more until just before Thanksgiving!

Also, last week we had a chance to attend a Traditional Latin Mass for the first time and we share our perspectives.

And lastly, Jennifer talks about her decision to start wearing a veil at Mass, and all the conflicting feelings that go along with it. 

Posted by Greg
September 3, 2019

The $2000 Lemon, Woes of a Veteran Podcaster, and Daddy Daughter Day

Ben and Tom turned 17 and 15 last April and now go to a high school that requires us to drive them 20 minutes each way every day.  With Ben on an after school robotics team, there are days we make this trip 3 times, plus Tommy has to go to work four days a week.  So to cut down on driving, we bought a secondhand car so Ben can finally get his license.  It all goes down from there.

Plus, Mac and Greg’s new podcast “Watch a Movie with Mac and Greg” is off to a great start, but would be doing even better if Greg hadn’t messed up the recordings of three episodes so far.

Lastly, in an effort to give our kids one-on-one time, Lily planned a daddy/daughter day with Greg.

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Posted by Greg
August 20, 2019

The Pew Report, Our Video Process, and Scripture Study Roadblocks

We talk about the creative process of trying to figure out what kind of YouTube video will get the most views, the grand opening of our t-shirt swag shop, and we reflect on the recent Pew Report stating that 69% of Catholics don’t believe in the Real Presence of the Eucharist and how that’s reflected in the recent death of Jeffrey Epstein and multiple mass shootings across the United States.  

Links Mentioned:
Our T-shirt shop
Our YouTube Channel
The Pew Report we cited

Posted by Greg
August 13, 2019

Prayer Pressure, Introvert Hangovers, Making Extra Hours, and Don’t Mess with Lily

Greg gets hit with an introverted hangover, we witness our Catholic faith to Walt’s acting friend, the beauty of a schedule coming back into our lives because of school, and how we need to go on a romantic date more often.

Bonus content: Find out what happened to our buddy Mac when he teased Lily during our family get together!

Posted by Greg
August 6, 2019


Launch Week

In episode 289 we talk about the excitement (and stress) of launching our new "More Than Mental" and "Watch a Movie with Mac and Greg" podcasts.

Jennifer's Hair and Accepting our Crosses

Next, feedback from co-producer Vanessa leads us to discuss Jennifer's hair and how we should go about accepting the crosses God gives us.

Drinking Game

We propose an Adventures in Imperfect Living drinking game.  What rules would you add? Record a voicemail and send it to us!

Bonus Content: Helping Kids Find Their Path

Our co-producer community members and listeners of SiriusXM ON DEMAND automatically get access to our weekly bonus content!

Posted by Greg
July 30, 2019

Moralistic Therapeutic Deism

Too Old for Tequila?

We recently attended a dinner for couples from our local parish and were surprised when someone at the table bought a round of tequila shots, which brought forth the question of whether we're too old to do shots, and also reminded Greg of a time when he drank a few too many.

Head Over Heels

A recent exploratory trip to go "tubing" down a river ended up with Greg being dunked in the water when nobody was watching.

New Show Schedule!

We announce the new schedule of shows we'll be producing and releasing in the next couple of weeks, with new content coming your way virtually every single day.  Listen to find out more!

Moralistic Therapeutic Deism

And in the "what the heck does that mean?" portion of the show, we dig up a sociological term from 2005 that seems more necessary today than ever before.  We demystify what Moralistic Therapeutic Deism is and illustrate how prevalent it is in today's society.

Bonus Content - Homemade Ice Cream and Hitting the Gym

In this week's bonus content for Patreon co-producers and SiriusXM ON DEMAND listeners, we rationalize how homemade ice cream and hitting the gym are not mutually exclusive.

Posted by Greg
July 23, 2019

Ultimate Consumable Good

Discerning Focus

Does creating content just for the online "Catholic Bubble" prevent us from actually evangelizing those who need to be evangelized?

As we continue to evaluate what content to create and how to create it (i.e., with what focus and emphasis should we use), we find ourselves questioning whether our content is too Catholic or not Catholic enough.

Of Thomas and Catherine

Our discernment process also includes Jennifer studying quite a bit about St. Catherine of Sienna while Greg is being drawn more and more to St. Thomas Aquinas.  According to Jennifer, however, Greg's approach is much like our kitten, Molly, acts.

New Podcast Series - What We're Dealing With

This week we've launched a brand new podcast series, co-hosted with our friends Mac and Katherine Barron called "What We're Dealing With." In this series we'll take deeper dives into discussing Catholic topics of today with a bit more serious of a viewpoint.  

This podcast is an exclusive bonus offering for those who support either our Patreon community or Mac and Katherine's Patreon account.  Click here right now to get instant access!

Setting a New Community Goal 

We've made a few small tweaks on our Patreon page to reflect our future goals, which include producing more video content.  Our first goal is getting building our community to 250 co-producers.  This will allow us to purchase a much needed camera for better quality video productions.

Please consider becoming a co-producer (or increasing your membership level) to help us reach this goal!

Bonus Content - Helping Teens Encounter Jesus

Two of our teens had the chance to attend Steubenville Atlanta this weekend and we share what we do to try to help them have positive encounters with Jesus Christ and His Church.

Posted by Greg
July 16, 2019

The Frail Trail

Web Design Headaches

Greg ponders why it was once so easy to make websites twenty years ago and why it seems to take him forever to make one today.  Is it age, boredom, or the technology?

Exercise Feedback

We heard from listeners who encouraged our exercise goals based on their own experiences as both someone trying to avoid "the frail trail" as well as a physical therapist.

Links mentioned:
Choosing the Strong Path (affiliate link)
Self-Treat Low Pack Pain YouTube Playlist

Jennifer's Mother Comes to Visit

Even months after Jennifer's mother moved out of our house and into her brother's, there is still stress that accompanies a visit.  We candidly share the continued difficulties of learning how to deal with an aging parent.

Bonus Content 

This week's bonus segment for our co-producers and SiriusXM ON DEMAND listeners has Greg's buddy, Mac Barron, joining Greg to discuss C.S. Lewis and entertainment.

Posted by Greg
July 9, 2019

Cleaning House

In Search of Peaches

After the kids bailed on Jennifer, she ventures out on her own in search of the elusive perfect Georgia peach.

CrossFit Debacle

In our ongoing quest for health and fitness, we check out a local CrossFit facility.  It did not go as planned.

Fear, Doubt, and Discipleship

Galatians 5:13-18 tells us, "For freedom Christ set us free; so stand firm and do not submit again to the yoke of slavery."

We discuss how difficult this can be, and the difference between being a Christian and being a Disciple.

Bonus Content 

Exclusive for our co-producer community and listeners of SiriusXM ON DEMAND, this week we share ways of returning to God when you feel a million miles away from Him. 

Posted by Greg
July 2, 2019

Queen For A Day

Jennifer Finally Got to go to Medieval Times!

Today (Tuesday, June 25) is Jennifer's birthday and after finding out she could get free admission on her birthday, we finally committed to going to Medieval Times and we had a blast! We share our experience on this episode.  

Plus, be sure to check out our Video of the Week where we take you along on the adventure:

Return to the Eucharistic Congress

Next we share all of our experiences from returning to the Atlanta Eucharistic Congress for the first time since moving back to Georgia.  It was so great seeing so many old friends come together for this wonderful celebration.

As promised, here is where you can check out the amazing talks from the day (be sure not to miss the morning opening homily from Bishop Robert Reed, as well as the inspiring talk from Fr. Mike Schmitz).

Bonus Content - Cardinal Sarah and Rejecting God's Gifts

This week's bonus content for our Co-Producer Community (click here to join now) as well as our SiriusXM ON DEMAND listeners is a deep dive into a recent talk given by Robert Cardinal Sarah about our need to receive God's gifts, and what has happened in a world where God's gifts are rejected. 

Click here to read the full address from Cardinal Sarah

Posted by Greg
June 25, 2019

Enormous Noggin

Father's Day Debacle

Ben and Jennifer try to give Greg the same present as last year, and fails again.  This leads to a discussion of the enormity of Greg's brain.

Are Miraculous Healings Still Possible?

We get into a discussion of some of the reasons why people sometimes doubt the validity of healings in today's modern world, and how this is an erroneous and potentially dangerous perspective.

Plus, we share the story of the very first medical miracle we experienced as a family.

Don't Miss Out On June Coozies!

As an exclusive offer for the month of June, we're giving all our co-producers a limited edition drink coozie!  Don't miss out!  Become a co-producer right now!

This week's Bonus Content - How to Catholic:

Exclusively for Patreon Co-Producers and listeners of SiriusXM ON DEMAND, this week's bonus content is "How to Catholic," where we talk about how to truly live out your faith despite push back from others.  

Posted by Greg
June 18, 2019
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