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Do We Really Believe?

Catholic in a Small Town #500

We joined our good friends Mac and Katherine Barron as they recorded and livestreamed their 500th episode of Catholic in a Small Town.

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Of Housewarming Parties and Eucharistic Congresses

What starts as a discussion about whether to have a housewarming party turns into a deep dive into whether people really believe in the Eucharist, and how much are we willing to allow ourselves to really be transformed by the Eucharist and our baptismal priesthood.

Bonus Content - The Balance of Kids and Gaming

One of the biggest struggles of our parenting careers is dealing with how much screentime we allow our children, particularly when it comes to video games.  Lately, Lily has been playing Sims 4, and we were surprised to discover how "adult" this kids game has become.  (Bonus content available exclusively to Patreon Co-Producers and SiriusXM ON DEMAND subscribers).

Posted by Greg
June 11, 2019

Tug of War

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Thanks to New and Renewed Co-Producers!

We couldn't do this show without the support of our amazing co-producer community! A huge welcome to new coproducers Allison, Nina, Laurie, and Joanna, as well as thanks to returning and updated co-producers Kendra, Maciej, Laura, Lisa, David, Danielle, Peg, Sarah, Robert, George, Brian, Don, Steve, Natasha and Kevin!

Latest YouTube Video of the Week

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Atlanta Eucharistic Congress

Well, despite thinking we'd just get to be audience members at this year's Eucharistic Congress, right after recording our last show, all that changed for Greg.  

​Response from SiriusXM On Demand Announcement

We share some of the very positive responses we got to the announcement that our show is now on SiriusXM ON DEMAND, and clarify the difference between on-air and on demand.

Tug of War and the Battle of Souls

Greg and the kids got into a massive tug of war battle in the neighborhood pool which had eerie similarities to the battle for souls in today's world.  This conversation also includes a discussion on whether or not to cancel Netflix.

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This Week's Bonus Content: 

Exclusively for Patreon Co-Producers and subscribers to SiriusXM On Demand, this week's bonus content includes how to reconnect with Jesus in a deep and meaningful way.

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June 4, 2019

On Demand

Bonus Minutes for Co-Producers!

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Back on SiriusXM - The Catholic Channel!

In addition to the bonus content for co-producers, starting this week our show will now be available on The Catholic Channel on SiriusXM ON DEMAND.  It is exciting for us to have our show back on The Catholic Channel!

Raising Adult Children 

We talk about the latest developments with educating our two teens left at home, and in our bonus segment this week we dive into the challenges of raising adult children, and how to develop strong communication and trust.

Posted by Greg
May 28, 2019

Rhythm of Work and Life

Fear of Happiness

We return from a long needed family vacation and discuss the need for rest, and how to overcome the fear that often keeps us from seeking happiness in life.  This also includes a discussion about not only being wise stewards of the gifts God gives us, but also being willing to actually enjoy the gifts when they're given.

Of Mantas, Sharks, and Dolphins

Our trip to the beach was surprisingly full of wildlife encounters, including that of ridiculous selfie-hunting beach goers.

Why Our Radio Show Ended and Being Grateful

After nearly seven years, a news story from last week made it possible for us to share more of the behind the scenes reasons as to why our radio show ended in 2012, and how that cancellation has lead to years of suffering, but suffering for which we are now very grateful for.  

Posted by Greg
May 22, 2019

Man’s Search for Meaning

Incredible Response

Huge thanks for the INCREDIBLE positive response we continue to receive since switching our Patreon account over to monthly instead of per-creation.  The consensus seems to agree with what Jan, one of our co-producers, wrote when she said, "I think monthly was a great idea and will do just what you said. Y’all will be freed up to do a greater variety of things...I’d rather support all of your ministry efforts rather than random shows."

So thanks to Jan and all of our ongoing Patreon co-producers, as well as our brand new co-producers who have joined our community!  We love you all so much. Want to be a part of this? Click here to become a co-producer right now!

Of Self Care and Bruised Knees

Jennifer shares how her efforts to take a break and get some alone time resulted in a tumble and fall down a pile of rocks.

Man's Search For Meaning

Lastly, we dive into steps to seek purpose and meaning in our lives, and talk about how Dr. Viktor Frankl managed to do just that, even in the midst of being a prisoner at Auschwitz.

Thanks again to all of our sponsors and co-producers! Click here to become a co-producer right now!

Posted by Greg
May 14, 2019

Pressing Reset

Proper Dress for Podcasting

We're podcasting earlier in the morning after a couple failed attempts at recording the show and Jennifer is surprised how dapper Greg looks (or as dapper as Greg gets when it's warm outside.

Analysis Paralysis

Overcoming the fear of a big decision, and jumping ahead, trusting God to pick up the debris.

We Click The Big Red Button

This week begins a new reset for us as we have all new reward tiers, bonus content, and more as we move to a monthly instead of per-show Patreon co-producer setup.

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As we discuss in much more detail, the changes to Patreon have already gone into effect, and it is important to us that we keep our friends and supporters like you up to date on changes that may affect you because we really value your input!

As we’ve discussed on recent episodes of Adventures in Imperfect Living, over the last few weeks and months, Jennifer and I have been looking at three major areas that impact our podcast (and our hopes for future content):

  1. How we create new and ongoing content that’s enjoyable to us to create and helpful and entertaining for you to enjoy,
  2. How a different Patreon payment structure can support ongoing creation of even more exciting new content,
  3. Our current reward and tier structure for our Patreon page.

As we’ve hinted on recent episodes, we’ve come up with a new framework for these three areas that we’re really excited about and plan to roll out in the next few days.

How We Create Content

As you know, we love making content.  From podcasts and videos to comic strips and written content to experimental new media and livestreams, we want to create content that energizes us to make even more (i.e., when it’s fun and not work it inspires us with even more creativity), and serves the purpose of entertaining or inspiring others.  

The difficulty for us is the fact that A) our time — like yours — is limited, and sometimes we WANT to create something for you, but can’t justify the time because we also have to B) do work that directly supports our family financially.

This often means that videos we’re ready to film, audio content we’re prepared to record, comic strips we’re ready to draw, and eBooks and other tools we want to write never happen because we have to do other less meaningful (but necessary) work behind the scenes that supports us but doesn’t necessarily change lives.

As our coproducers have already noticed in recent weeks, we’re striving to include more bonus content such as behind the scenes photos, stories, videos, and recordings exclusively for our co-producers.  This is just a sampling of the kind of stuff we want to do for you!

Evaluating a Different Patreon Structure

We started using Patreon to supplement our work back in October 2014.  For those of you who have been with us this entire time, you know how important this has been for us personally, and we can never thank you enough for your generous support of our work and our family.  

Your patronage has kept us recording week after week even in the midst of cross country moves, debilitating illnesses, huge family transitions, and more.  It’s allowed us to share our faith and encourage others in their walk with Christ.  It’s allowed us to do things we never could have done otherwise.  

Honestly, Patreon is currently the number one way we support our family at this time.  And while it’s risky to put all of our eggs in one basket, this is the only basket we currently have, and we’d like to grow it.

After much evaluation, discernment, and prayer, we believe the time has come for us to switch to a monthly Patreon structure instead of the per-episode structure we’ve used for the past four-plus years.  

What does this mean?

If you're already a co-producer, hopefully not much will change for you, and what changes there are will be minimal in terms of your financial commitment.  

If you give $1 a show now with a max of $5 a month, you’ll now be at the $5/month tier instead of the $1/show tier.  If you give $10 a show with a max of $50 a month, you’ll now be at the $50/month tier.  

Why do this?  
Honestly, because there are many times we want to make a bonus episode or create some other type of content but DON’T because we don’t want to charge you extra and accidentally make you feel like we’re taking advantage of your generosity.

Secondly, we hope that a monthly tier structure will encourage more listeners to sign up if they know they’ll be getting early access to more bonus content before everyone else.  For the past four years, we’ve never been able to break past the plateau of 200 co-producers (we’re currently at 174) and we’d like to change that.

Changes in Tier Structures and Rewards

Starting immediately, we’re completely overhauling our reward and tier structure.  The past structure was overly complicated to maintain, and we’re fairly certain that we’ve inadvertently missed providing rewards to some of you who have earned them.  Additionally, the rewards we’ve offered (such as paintings, comic strips, etc.) have required more time to fulfill than I’ve personally been able to manage.  

Therefore, we’re starting over with a clean slate and will providing rewards at various tiers to all of you that we think will be even more fun.

Going forward, our rewards will include access to more patron-exclusive content, as well as bonus swag such as stickers, drinking glasses, and other surprises sent directly to your home as our way to say THANK YOU.  

  • $5/Month - Community Forum
    • Join the conversation with other co-producers by commenting in the Patreon-exclusive feed. Share your ideas and thoughts with other Patrons of Adventures in Imperfect Living, Greg's New Mental Health Show, Rosary Cast, as well as Greg and Jennifer themselves.
    • Access to exclusive behind-the-scenes Patreon LENS videos (similar to Facebook Stories and SnapChat) where we’ll share what’s going on in our lives and take you along for the adventure!
  • $10/Month - Swag in the Mail!
    • Exclusive surprise swag sent to you in the mail after three months of patronage
    • Adventures in Imperfect Living sticker.
    • Access to Livestreams.
    • Access to video episodes of Adventures in Imperfect Living 
    • Plus all previous rewards.
  • $25/Month - Coffee Mug
    • Exclusive Imperfect Living coffee mug! 
    • The opportunity to ask Greg and Jennifer's guests your questions (which will be read and answered on the show.)
    • Free shipping on WillitsWorks merch (US only).
    • Greg and Jennifer will send you a personal video by email to thank you.
    • Get a push notification every time Greg and Jennifer "go live” and chat with them and other fans about anything you want. 
    • Plus all previous rewards.
  • $50/Month - Video Time!
    • Greg and Jennifer will send you a personal video by email to thank you.
    • Ongoing small group (via video chat app) created exclusively for patrons at this level and above lead by Greg and/or Jennifer.
    • Plus all previous rewards.
  • $100/Month
    • We don't expect many of you to support at this amount. However, some of you have asked and we’re deeply grateful to you.
    • Our personal email address. You’ll be able to reach us with thoughts and ideas whenever you like, and we’ll respond!
    • Plus all previous rewards.


  1. Sign onto your Patreon account and confirm your monthly tier level (you can also upgrade at this time).
  2. Confirm your credit/debit card on file is your correct one.
  3. Be sure to provide a valid mailing address as well as your first and last name as we plan on sending you a thank you in the mail very soon.
  4. If we still owe you a past reward, please send me an email at [email protected] and I’ll add it to my list to get to you as soon as possible.

We know this is a lot of information, but again, our mission is to be your friends in these adventures in imperfect living, and we value your support on this journey.  

We love hearing from each of you, and cannot ever thank you enough for your continued support and love!

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Posted by Greg
May 8, 2019

Jennifer’s Turn

We Forgot About the Pollen

While we love being back in Georgia, we apparently forgot about pollen related allergies (either that, or Greg is just getting older and is more susceptible).  

Another Week, Another Birthday

We've celebrated two birthdays in the last week, and share how different our kids are when it comes to celebrating.

Jennifer's Turn

And it was a long time coming, but after all the stress of the last couple years, including our last move and all the difficulties that have accompanied Greg's health, Jennifer is running on empty and it's starting to catch up.  

Posted by Greg
May 1, 2019

Can I Receive The Eucharist?

A Brand New Triduum 

We talk about the experience of celebrating the Triduum in an all new parish, including a very chilly outdoor sunrise Mass that was BEAUTIFUL.

Can I Receive the Eucharist?

We answer questions from a non-Catholic wanting to know if he could receive the Eucharist and go to Confession while visiting St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City.

Bible Reading for 21-Year-Olds (and for those of us who are still trying)

 Greg shares a conversation he had with our oldest son, Sam, about Sam's recent efforts to read the Bible and what book of the Bible he should tackle next. 

Posted by Greg
April 23, 2019

Nine Layer Hell Cake

Greg's New Podcast Name Reveal

Our co-producers found out the name of Greg's upcoming new podcast last week, but on this episode we spill the beans and let you know the name, too!

Another Hiccup

After talking about Lily's assessment for a hybrid homeschool academy, it looks like we'll have to evaluate yet another path for the kids.  This has lead to Jennifer crying a lot while do taxes.

Holy Week Resources

The Stations of the Cross audio files we mentioned are the John Paul II version from Rosary Army and the St. Alphonsus Ligouri version from when Greg worked for the Archdiocese of Denver.

Posted by Greg
April 16, 2019

Spring Break Dreaming

Spring Break Has Sprung

Spring Break is upon us, the Barrons are in England, and Jennifer panics about what to do with the kids.  Her best intentions backfire, though, when the kids reject going somewhere Jennifer has dreamt about for years.

Have Courage

This springboards into a discussion of Joshua chapter 1 and how to be courageous in the midst of uncertainty and discernment.

Big Changes Coming

Lastly, we share some insight about big changes coming for our new and existing Patreon Co-Producers that will lead to more great content for you!

Posted by Greg
April 3, 2019

A Classical Catholic Education

In episode 271, "A Classical Catholic Education," we discuss what goes into a Catholic hybrid school and the differences between traditional homeschool, Catholic school, and public school.  

Next, we share the startling news about an unexpected health crisis for our dear friend, Fr. Timothy, who ended up in emergency surgery over the weekend.

This leads to an important discussion of the fact that we are not guaranteed second chances in life, and what we must do every day to ensure that we are living as God wants us to, and not as we think we should.  It's not that difficult to do when you say a single simple prayer each day and be willing to change into what God made you to be.

Lastly, Greg gives an update on the progress for his mental health book and hints at the chance for you to be involved very soon!

If our show was a blessing to you, please sign up to be a co-producer on Patreon.  Click here to learn how!

Posted by Greg
March 27, 2019