October 6

Catechism Class 036: Jesus Rose from the Dead

Catechism Class - What Catholics Believe and Why, Podcasts


The crowning truth of our faith in Christ, a faith believed and lived as the central truth by the first Christians, is the Resurrection. Covers CCC 638-647.

Catechism Class is sponsored in part by Select International Tours. Check them out and thank them for sponsoring the program!

Join Catholic podcast veterans and expert teachers Greg and Jennifer Willits from Rosary Army and Adventures in Imperfect Living as they walk with you through the Catechism from beginning to end.

It’s like the best book club, coffee talk, religious education class, and study group all rolled into one!

In Catechism Class we explain what the Catechism is, how to use it, and reveal several little known secrets that’ll help explode your discovery of the Bible in light of the Tradition of the Catholic Church.


Catechism Class

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