Learn to Podcast

Want to Learn How to Podcast?

We’ve been creating podcasts since 2005.  Back then, there was very little information on how to get started, what equipment to use, and how to publish a show to a worldwide audience.

Around that same time, our buddy Cliff Ravenscraft started podcasting, as well.  And not only did he start podcasting, but he made it his passionate goal to help others to successfully create, produce, and launch a podcast.

In a nutshell, no one is a better teacher than Cliff.

Cliff Ravenscraft is THE go-to guy for professional level podcast instruction and his Podcasting A to Z course is the best around.

If you are serious about starting a podcast, Cliff’s course is worth it’s weight in gold.  And he’s made it possible for TCND listeners to save FIVE-HUNDRED DOLLARS when you sign up, and he’ll toss a few bucks our way, as well just for recommending him.  But the truth is, we’d recommend him for free.


So as a thank you to TCND listeners, he’s set up an exclusive code to listeners of The Catholics Next Door that will save you $500 simply by using the code TCND at checkout.

He often has a waiting list for his next class, so check outPodcasting A to Z right away!