April 15

Daily Devotionals



Listener Janie asks:

Love the show!  I sometimes sit in my car after arriving at my destination to finish  hearing a segment.  Unfortunately, today was not one of them.  Could you provide a list of the devotionals talked about in today’s show?  I only heard a few and would enjoy seeing what is out there.

This topic came up because Jennifer has started taking the boys to daily Mass, and on yesterday’s show we started wondering if there were any daily Catholic devotionals for kids and young teens. We currently subscribe to Magnifikid! for our children, but that only covers the Sunday liturgy.

The only daily devotional we found was Living Faith Kids, which also has an adult devotional. Have you ever seen this? Is it worth subscribing to?

We’ve also been longtime subscribers to Magnifcat, and years ago we subscribed to Word Among Us, and I’ve thought about subscribing to it again, though when I used it about 10 years ago, I started to feel like a lot of the meditations were sounding very repetitive. My mom continues to subscribe to it and depends on it each day.

As we talked about it on the show, other people called in and suggested the “Little Black Book” devotional, which also has a purple book and other colors for other liturgical seasons.

Do you have any suggestions for printed daily devotionals? What do you use to help the daily Mass readings come alive for you? And if you have any suggestions particularly for children, we’d love to hear those, as well.

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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