​​​​Spiritual Direction and Life Coaching

Greg and Jennifer are currently evaluating potential new clients.  Add your name and email to join the waiting list:
Get More Out of Your Life

Have you ever wanted to go deeper in your faith, or simply to create and follow a more satisfactory and fulfilling path in your life?

Have you wanted to develop a deeper relationship with God? 

Have you wanted better relationships and the feeling that you're doing what you were made to in life?

Do you wish you had someone to help you be accountable, while also allowing you the freedom to make mistakes and grow?

Spiritual Direction and/or Life Coaching can help you get there.

How it Works

Right now there is a waiting list for Greg and Jennifer to offer spiritual direction and life coaching, but openings become available regularly. 

Once accepted, you choose who you'd like to work with (either Greg or Jennifer). 

From there, you'll be granted access to our availability calendar where you'll make and pre-pay for your appointment.  Each appointment lasts for one hour.

Before your appointment, we may request additional information to help us better get to know you and prepare to help you best.  

Why Do We Do This?

We have been blessed with a tremendous amount of experience in helping people grow more deeply in their faith, as well as to help others have stronger relationships, marriages, and work lives.  We love to help others and have been doing so since 2003.  

Ready to Get Started?

Add your name and email to our waiting list and Greg or Jennifer will follow up as soon as there are openings for new clients available!

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