Just Gotta Dance

Yes, it’s true. We’ve been taking dancing lessons.

And furthermore, it’s true we have a secret soft spot for High School Musical movies.

In fact, we’re talking about camping out just to get tickets for the new High School Movie Part XIII.

We’re certain it’s going to sell out for weeks.

And now, for the first time, we display for you our hard-earned dancing skills.


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Posted by Greg
September 18, 2008
  • Maria says:

    I. can’t. be. your. friend. any. more.

  • Jim F says:

    Ouch! So much for thoughts of sincerity! I can’t believe I fell for that.

  • Anna says:

    That’s painful to watch. I think you owe me that one minute of my life back.

  • Jennifer looks like Michael Jackson with that little curly piece of hair hanging down : )

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  • Joanne says:

    Gotta love JibJab! Now, if there was a Star Wars clip, I’d expect to see Fr. Roderick doing his thing!

    Keep up the good work – love listening to you both. J

  • Leisa from Minesooota says:

    Catholics with a sense of humor…ya gotta love that!

  • jordan says:


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