October 14

Moose TV, Greg’s Write-In Vote, and Tons O’Links




After three weeks, there’s no other word for how it felt to finally be mounting our television on our living room wall.

Such a ridiculously good feeling. Things are coming together, at last.

After seeing the photo to the left, I realized I was past due for a haircut, as well. I look like St. Francis of Assisi in disguise or something.

And the next picture is just moments after hanging the television, checking to make sure the all important video games still work.

To show my appreciation to our good friend Moose, he of Kaiteur Coffeehouse (best coffee drinks in the world – plug, plug, plug), I even wrote his name in when I voted early yesterday.

No joke.

Check out the last picture as proof.

Vote Moose for U.S. Representative in the 111th Congress From the 4th Congressional District of Georgia!

Okay, all kidding aside, we’ve been promising you a boat load of links from the last few broadcasts of The Catholics Next Door. Thanks in advance for your patience. Be sure to check these out!

First off, thanks to Dina Cheney, author of The Tasting Club for introducing us to some incredible new dark chocolates! She’ll be back on our program on October 22 to introduce us to the last dark chocolate. Can’t wait! Dina also recommended that we check out Chocosphere.com for access to tons of great chocolate. Caution to you chocoholics before clicking that link – it’s got some mighty, mighty good stuff there!

Also, Fr. Leo Patalinghug stopped by the program again last week. Be sure to check out his awesome Grace Before Meals webisodes over on his website.

After eating all that chocolate and food from Fr. Leo, if you want to get in shape, here’s a link to the USA Today Article about the new federal exercise guidelines. There are also a lot of other links in that USA Today article about eating right and other important guidelines.

From Monday, here is the link of all of the Scripture references found throughout the typical Catholic Mass. Pretty cool read!

And lastly, here is the website of Berke Breathed, creator of Opus and Bloom County. He’s killing Opus. May the poor penguin rest in peace.

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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