December 10

Mustard Seed Community, Covenant House, and Ways to Give



Tons of thanks to Janice Givens from Mustard Seed Community and Christ in the Garbage Ministries for stopping by The Catholics Next Door yesterday.

If you want to help them out, here are their websites for donating, or for setting up a Bowling Team for their Spare Change For a Change Bowling Event in February:

Give a Meal and a Toy
Bowling Event Donations

The first picture here on the left is Janice during a mission trip last year with just one of the many kids being helped by this important ministry. The other pictures are other kids that Mustard Seed Community is helping. Please help if you can!

Thanks also to Jim White from Covenant House for being on Wednesday’s program.

Check out the video below to see how Covenant House has already helped 70,000 homeless teens in 2008.

If you can help either of these great organizations, please do!

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