New Painting Initiated

I know what this is going to be, but I’m not going to tell you just yet.

Can you guess what this is going to be?  Post your answer in the comments below and I’ll send something cool to the first person to guess correctly before I upload the next updated picture.  Better hurry.  I’m making progress…



Posted by Greg
February 11, 2014
  • Mary says:

    Jesus and the woman at the well?

  • Adrianne says:

    Jesus changing water into wine, at Mary’s insistence 🙂


  • Donna says:

    My first thought was loaves and fishes…

  • Teresa says:

    Washing of the feet?

  • Sean says:

    Woman at the well.

  • Nicole says:


  • Geralyn says:

    Mary and the child Jesus

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