March 16

Slip and Slide



On Saturday a bunch of local businesses were offering an open house to get the word out about what they have to offer.  In the past, these kinds of things seem to be a bit of a bust, in my opinion.

But this time around they offered 20+ inflatable attractions to get families out there.

My worry is always that they’ll end up charging for tickets or that there will be some hidden charge.  Even though they kept advertising all of the inflatable stuff for free, I still suspected they’d end up charging us for tickets or something.

I warned the boys ahead of time that I wouldn’t be buying any food and if they tried to sell tickets, we’d have to leave.

To our pleasant surprise, the rides were all indeed actually free.

And they had a blast.

The boys did try to get me to spend ridiculous amounts on food they were selling, but I wouldn’t budge.  Even still, they had an absolute blast and it didn’t cost us a single penny.

Here’s Ben and Tom climbing up the stairs to one of the slides:

Climbing into an inflatable obstacle course:

Tommy making his way over one obstacle:

This was Ben and Tom’s favorite one.  It was a huge inflatable train they could climb inside of:

Sam and Walt enjoyed the inflatable contraptions for older kids.  This one was funny to watch.  They were strapped in, then ran forward to see who could get the furthest before a bungee cord jerked them backwards.  It really made me laugh to watch them.

They were determined to beat each other on this race thing.  Too funny.

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