Radio Archive #3: Internet Tech Support

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In this episode: Jennifer stops by the show during her maternity leave as Greg rants about tech support and the Internet disappearing.

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Posted by Greg
March 16, 2009
  • Helene says:

    OMG — that was too funny. And I’m exhausted just listening to it. Glad everything worked out well.

  • Allyson says:

    Chill man! I’m worn out from listening.

  • Marvin Miller says:

    Greg and Jennifer, I just subscribed to your podcasts via Itunes. I missed your former show as I am over in Iraq and found your humor infectious and it offered a pleasant break from the work routines over here. Keep it up.

  • Leisa from Minesooooota says:


    You had me caught up in your story from the get-go. I found myself out of breath at the end of the podcast and I was just sitting here listening. Wow, what a story!

    When the internet goes down here? I wail, stomp my feet and gnash my teeth! Then, I reset my router and I am good to go. Silly internet.

  • Luis Escobar says:

    Man, that was too fun to listen to.

    Gosh, I miss you guys. At least we get small tastes.

  • Robert Bartman says:

    If I lost my home internet connection, I would not be as frantic as you described yourself. I’m not sure you were as frantic as you described yourself.

    I’m not sure which story I find more amusing: your search for internet access or dress pants in Buckhead.

  • Bianca says:

    So nice to hear you guys again! Wish I wasn’t a poor college student that can’t afford Sirius radio right now. But it’s *so nice* having a bit of my friends again.

    Still love hearing you guys!

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