March 12

Comic: Unexpected Forgiveness



Unexpected Forgiveness.  Unexpected Grace.

I had a funny strip all finished up and ready to deliver today.  Inspired by a recent event of unexpected forgiveness, however, I spent my Sunday (yesterday) putting this one together.

I did, in fact, hear from a long ago colleague recently.  And while I didn’t break down crying as my cartoon version does in this strip, the sentiment remains the same.

I’ve found myself in recent days pondering once again about the absolute destructiveness of unforgiveness.  It often lies hidden even from ourselves. And while there may be people who I need to reach out to, I’ve actually found the person I most frequently need to forgive is myself.

Either way, I hope this strip blesses you.  And maybe it will also help you — if needed – to forgive someone else, or seek someone’s forgiveness. And by doing so, I hope you experience great peace this week.

About the author 


Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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