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Podcasting since 2005 and married 10 years longer than that, Adventures in Imperfect Living is your weekly dose of helping you navigate through YOUR adventures in Life, Family, and Ridiculousness by sharing our own.

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  • Adventures #166: Brownophyll

    • November 27
    An apology, midwest lessons learned, medical evaluations, staycation highlights, Advent and Christmas, and a Rosary Army update. 888-299-8686 to leave feedback and be a part more..
  • Adventures #165: Drinking an Ent

    • November 20
    Thanksgiving Staycation, Genetic Disorders, New Espresso Machine, Fighting Porn Feedback, Explaining Tough Topics to Kids, and Latin Mass. 888-299-8686 to leave feedback and be a more..
  • Adventures #164: Slightly Adult

    • November 13
    19 Years as Parents, Post Election Fall Out, Closing out the Topic of Music at Mass, and overcoming porn and loneliness. 888-299-8686 to leave feedback more..
  • Adventures #163: Stop It!

    • November 6
    This episode could be potentially controversial as we podcast on Greg’s birthday and discuss Emotional Displacement, Lik-M-Aid Petition, Road Trips and Evangelization Quips, and the more..


Jennifer Willits

Jennifer Willits is the co-author of The Catholics Next Door: Adventures in Imperfect Living and the President of the New Evangelizers and Rosary Army apostolates. A podcaster since 2005, she also hosted the widely acclaimed “That Catholic Show” video series, still in use around the world. With Greg, she has five kids.

Greg Willits

Greg Willits is the author of Tied In Knots: Finding Peace In Today’s World and The New Evangelization and You: Be Not Afraid. With his wife, Jennifer, they wrote "The Catholics Next Door: Adventures in Imperfect Living" and founded the New Evangelizers and Rosary Army apostolates and hosted “The Catholics Next Door” daily talk show on SiriusXM. With Jennifer, he has five kids kids.


Comic: Falling Into Sin. Literally.

I try to go to Confession regularly.  The key word here is “try.”  I went last Saturday and told the priest it had..

Comic: Designated Chopper

I am apparently our home’s designated chopper.  When something needs chopped, somehow I’m always standing around doing nothing, and thus I am handed..

Comic: Rude Awakening

This *never* happens in our house.  *Ahem*

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