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Podcasting since 2005 & Married 10 years longer than that. We're the original Catholic podcasting couple.

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Ultimate Consumable Good
Discerning FocusDoes creating content just for the online "Catholic Bubble" prevent us from actually evangelizing those who need to be[...]
The Frail Trail
Web Design HeadachesGreg ponders why it was once so easy to make websites twenty years ago and why it seems[...]
Cleaning House
In Search of PeachesAfter the kids bailed on Jennifer, she ventures out on her own in search of the elusive[...]
Queen For A Day
Jennifer Finally Got to go to Medieval Times!Today (Tuesday, June 25) is Jennifer's birthday and after finding out she could[...]
Enormous Noggin
Father's Day DebacleBen and Jennifer try to give Greg the same present as last year, and fails again.  This leads[...]
Do We Really Believe?
Catholic in a Small Town #500We joined our good friends Mac and Katherine Barron as they recorded and livestreamed their[...]

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