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This week's podcast :

ADV #262: Don’t Make Me Snap My Fingers!
Rapid House Hunting, God's Magic Fingers, and a fairly significant Eldercare Change
ADV #262: Don’t Make Me Snap My Fingers!
Rapid House HuntingWe share the excitement of our whirlwind trip to Georgia and our quest to find a new home[...]
ADV #261: Wait. Wait. Wait. Go! Go! Go!
Huge NewsAfter months and months of prayer, followed by a nine-day novena to Mary Undoer of Knots, some light becomes[...]
ADV #260: Many Much Moosen
Remembering Fr. Leo SteltenOur dear family friend, Fr. Leo Stelten, died at age 93 on December 30.  He married off[...]
ADV #259: Puzzled
The Crucible of ProximityWe visit Mac and Katherine from Catholic in a Small Town podcast and talk about the pros[...]
ADV #258: Keeping Kids Catholic
Tackling Stone MountainWe bring you along with our entire family (minus Ben) as we set out to tackle the one-mile[...]
ADV #257: Grizzly
A Different Kind of ChristmasWe kick off the show talking about our plans for Christmas, and preparing the kids for[...]
ADV #256: Disorder Dilemma
Walter Reacts to That Catholic ShowOur son Walter surprised us with a couple funny video "reactions" of him checking out[...]
ADV #255: Eggroll
The Eggroll That Destroyed JenniferWe're a couple days late in recording the show and it is the fault of an[...]
ADV #254: Overcoming Darkness
Prayers for Overcoming DarknessOur friends Maria and Katherine suggested that we may need exorcisms, or at least some heavier duty[...]

Greg and Jennifer are the real deal!

Authentic, funny, and knowledgable, they spend their lives working to improve the lives of others.


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