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This week's podcast :

ADV #252: Stay The Course
Celebrating our son Sam's 21st birthday (Happy Birthday, Sammy!), Walter's unexpected encounter with community, an update on selling our house, and we bare our souls (again) with how difficult it can be to discern the will of God and follow it, even if it means not doing anything at all.
ADV #252: Stay The Course
Legal Drinking AgeWe start the show celebrating our son Sam's 21st birthday (Happy Birthday, Sammy!) with Greg challenging Jennifer with[...]
ADV #251: Greg’s New Blankie
Fighting LeavesWe're convinced there are more leaves this year, and a battle of the trees has commenced.Of Sun Lamps and[...]
ADV #250: 15 Years of Rosary Army
Theme Songs and Other Such StuffWe start the show with Greg's disappointment for not creating a proper new exciting intro[...]
ADV #249: Swamp Boy
Swamp BoyWalter calls in to share details of an adventure with Greg's brother deep in the heart of South Carolina.[...]
ADV #248: Mid-Life Opportunity
Try, Try (and Try) AgainAfter two major hiccups (one technical and one mental), we managed to produce a surprisingly lively[...]
ADV #247: Cat Not Included
Why We're MovingThough our house isn't selling as fast as we'd like, we talk about why this move is important[...]
ADV #246: Spatula City!
Walter UpdateLast week our son, Walter, was on the show one last time before moving out and heading south. We[...]
ADV #245: Adios, Walter
In this week's episode:Mac Barron Wrote a BookOur good friend Mac Barron wrote a brand spanking new book called, "Clueless[...]
ADV #244: A Weird Place
The Significance of 244We start off this week's show talking about the significance of 244 episodes and how the last[...]

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