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How to Reform the Church
Birthday hangover, 10-Year-Sandals, Moose for President, Advice from Cardinal Sarah, Sam set a date, and how to truly reform the Church.
Jennifer Turns 50
Grab your tissues! Greg surprises Jennifer voice messages from throughout her 50 years as we celebrate Jennifer's 50th birthday with a surprise party!
Ocean of Mercy
Future RA Live Rosaries, Back to Mass, Spiritual Communion, Jason Taylor and Catholic Media, and the Ocean of Mercy Catholic Conference for Kids!
Floppy Bodies
The kids went to Mass, Jennifer's new injury, Visiting Jennifer's Mom, Homeschool Changes, The Slip N' Slide Debacle, and Vocations from Rosary Army.
Facing Racism
Jennifer goes DIY, Kolbe Yang and his Red Bean: Dragon Slayer Kickstarter, Moose joins us to talk about Racism, and much more!
Junk For Your Trunk
AARP Finds Jennifer, We went to Mass, Receiving the Eucharist, How's Fr. Roderick?, Willits Family Exodus, What Really Happened at OSV, and much more!

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