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This week's podcast :

Addressing Cultural Appropriation
A discussion about Dr. Brant Pitre's book, The Jewish Roots of the Eucharist, swerves into the more sensitive topic of the melting pot of cultural appropriation and the modern-day difficulty of appreciating other cultures without accidentally offending those to whom the culture belongs.
Addressing Cultural Appropriation
Jewish Roots of the Eucharist Jennifer has been diving deeply into Dr. Brant Pitre's book, The Jewish Roots of the[...]
The Miracle of Parkinson’s Disease
Blast from the Past On this week's show we're joined by our old buddy, Michael McCaughey, who we became great[...]
5 Ways to Avoid the Mid-Day Crash
Episode #233: How to Fight the Mid-Afternoon "Crash" when sleepiness tries to take over!   You have work to do,[...]
ADV #232: Get the Log Out
We celebrated Jennifer's 48th birthday with a family road trip to Lake Michigan, we shared new ways to stay in[...]
ADV #231: Happiness On Demand
This past Saturday Jennifer's mother went back to Atlanta to visit family for a few weeks, leaving us to re-acclimate[...]
ADV #230: Jennifer’s Obstinance
What started as a conversation about the difficulty of keeping up with mowing the grass in Indiana turned into a[...]
ADV #229: Two Down, Three To Go
Walt's graduation brought up some interesting conversations with our son Ben, we ate a lot of tacos (and other junk),[...]
ADV #228: Off the Walter
Our 18-year-old recent graduate joins us on the show to share the ups and downs of transferring to a new[...]
ADV #227: Exceptional YOU
Exceptional YOU Spurred by the amazing response to our Exceptional Together program, we're launching not only a second installment of[...]

Greg and Jennifer are the real deal!

Authentic, funny, and knowledgable, they spend their lives working to improve the lives of others.



Whether married or single, the happiest people in the world have learned the most valuable secret:

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EXCEPTIONAL YOU: 21 Days to Greater Happiness & Change

Greater happiness is more possible than you can imagine. And greater happiness powers your ability to be more successful in relationships, your faith life, your work, and every other aspect of life.

Your future depends on what you do today. But past failures, pains, and more can keep you locked into beliefs that worked in the past, but don't work anymore. 

Transform your future, discover more joy, and become the person you are meant to be.

Exceptional YOU is a self-paced blast out of normalcy and whatever has you paralyzed in life, enabling you to walk away from everything that's holding you back so that you can discover the life that's been waiting for you.

Becoming happier starts right now.

EXCEPTIONAL TOGETHER: A Powerful Marriage Retreat

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