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This week's podcast :

ADV #256: Disorder Dilemma
Walter Reacts to That Catholic Show, Six Weeks of Giving, and Transgenderism and the Meaning of Life
ADV #256: Disorder Dilemma
Walter Reacts to That Catholic ShowOur son Walter surprised us with a couple funny video "reactions" of him checking out[...]
ADV #255: Eggroll
The Eggroll That Destroyed JenniferWe're a couple days late in recording the show and it is the fault of an[...]
ADV #254: Overcoming Darkness
Prayers for Overcoming DarknessOur friends Maria and Katherine suggested that we may need exorcisms, or at least some heavier duty[...]
ADV #253: Self Care Bear
Jennifer's SanityAfter hearing from many of you after Jennifer's unexpected last-minute meltdown during last week's show, we talk about the[...]
ADV #252: Stay The Course
Legal Drinking AgeWe start the show celebrating our son Sam's 21st birthday (Happy Birthday, Sammy!) with Greg challenging Jennifer with[...]
ADV #251: Greg’s New Blankie
Fighting LeavesWe're convinced there are more leaves this year, and a battle of the trees has commenced.Of Sun Lamps and[...]
ADV #250: 15 Years of Rosary Army
Theme Songs and Other Such StuffWe start the show with Greg's disappointment for not creating a proper new exciting intro[...]
ADV #249: Swamp Boy
Swamp BoyWalter calls in to share details of an adventure with Greg's brother deep in the heart of South Carolina.[...]
ADV #248: Mid-Life Opportunity
Try, Try (and Try) AgainAfter two major hiccups (one technical and one mental), we managed to produce a surprisingly lively[...]

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