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Podcasting since 2005 & Married 10 years longer than that. We're the original Catholic podcasting couple.

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Do We Really Believe?
Catholic in a Small Town #500We joined our good friends Mac and Katherine Barron as they recorded and livestreamed their[...]
Tug of War
Exclusive Collapsible Coozie for June Co-ProducersSign up to be a new or existing co-producer at the $10/month level during the[...]
On Demand
Bonus Minutes for Co-Producers!This week we share the exciting news that co-producers will get bonus exclusive minutes with every episode[...]
Rhythm of Work and Life
Fear of HappinessWe return from a long needed family vacation and discuss the need for rest, and how to overcome[...]
Man’s Search for Meaning
Incredible ResponseHuge thanks for the INCREDIBLE positive response we continue to receive since switching our Patreon account over to monthly[...]
Pressing Reset
Proper Dress for PodcastingWe're podcasting earlier in the morning after a couple failed attempts at recording the show and Jennifer[...]

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Greg and Jennifer are the real deal!

Authentic, funny, and knowledgable, they spend their lives working to improve the lives of others.

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