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Rhythm of Work and Life
Fear of HappinessWe return from a long needed family vacation and discuss the need for rest, and how to overcome[...]
Man’s Search for Meaning
Incredible ResponseHuge thanks for the INCREDIBLE positive response we continue to receive since switching our Patreon account over to monthly[...]
Pressing Reset
Proper Dress for PodcastingWe're podcasting earlier in the morning after a couple failed attempts at recording the show and Jennifer[...]
Jennifer’s Turn
We Forgot About the PollenWhile we love being back in Georgia, we apparently forgot about pollen related allergies (either that,[...]
Can I Receive The Eucharist?
A Brand New Triduum We talk about the experience of celebrating the Triduum in an all new parish, including a very[...]
Nine Layer Hell Cake
Greg's New Podcast Name RevealOur co-producers found out the name of Greg's upcoming new podcast last week, but on this[...]
God Will Provide
Another busy week, bonus content for co-producers, education headaches continue, Medieval Times feedback, and reminders from Genesis.
Spring Break Dreaming
Spring Break Has SprungSpring Break is upon us, the Barrons are in England, and Jennifer panics about what to do[...]
A Classical Catholic Education
In episode 271, "A Classical Catholic Education," we discuss what goes into a Catholic hybrid school and the differences between[...]

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