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Catholic Zombies Punch It Up!
Live Rosary Responses, Lenten Progress, Thoughts on the Mass, Free Stuff, Life Under Quarantine, and our Pastor joins us for a great conversation!
Of Mug Shots and Quarantines
Live-streaming the Rosary every day, Time and Talent, Mug Shots, and, of course, The Coronavirus! Plus, a whole lot more!
How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Coronavirus
We talk Coronavirus, preparedness, how we wish things were, and we rant a bit about the response of our Church leadership and how this could all be better.  
Cloffice Full of Idiots
Kidney Stones, Coronavirus and Faith, Sorrowful Mugs, Bread from Heaven, Skincare for Jennifer, Catholic Podcasts, and we’re interviewed about Rosary Army.
Do Cats Obey God?
Eucharistic Epiphany, Of Kids and Chore Charts, Roadtrip to Nashville, Books That Formed Us, Coronavirus and the Eucharist, and Election Year Christianity.
The Truth About Fasting
We discuss how fasting keeps us spiritually awake as one of the two wings of prayer that makes our prayers (and penance) even more efficacious.

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