ADV #001: Reboot!

In this episode Greg and Jennifer talk about transitioning from podcasting to radio and back again, jumping off cliffs, becoming self-employed, and purity of intention.

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Posted by Greg
October 29, 2012
  • leitefrog says:

    How do you say welcome back to a couple who never left, they just keep exploring new mediums? You guys are awesome, and no matter what form you chose, I know I will grow from listening. Thanks for always saying YES to God, and keeping me inspired.

  • donnanuce says:

    Yeah! Good to have you back. I will miss you on Sirius but glad you are somewhere to listen to.

  • donnams says:

    That was a lot of fun ( I particularly enjoyed the “jumping off the cliff” insert). Am looking forward to the next installment!!

  • Greg Willits says:

    @George – With the relaunch of Catholic Rockers, you’re right there with us, my friend!

    @Donnanuce – I think pretty soon you’ll enjoy the podcast so much you’ll forget all about our old gig 🙂

    @donnams – Thanks for letting us know you liked that bit. We know that it’s a bit different for our former radio audience to hear us do stuff like that, but old school podcast listeners know we tend to go a bit off the beaten trail from time to time 🙂

  • 2raleigh says:

    Love it!!!
    Peace be with you,
    Jeff Raleigh

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