December 10

ADV #007: Wanna Be Starting Something?

Adventures in Imperfect Living Catholic Podcast


Open Casting Call for new Hugh Jackman film, Google Hangout, Our Kids’ Reaction to Advent, Speaking to Men’s Group, Selling Stuff or Giving It Away, and Starting an Apostolate.

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • Greg, I 100% agree that you should be able to “sell” your talks that you give throughout the country. I personally love to hear both of you speak and would buy a talk from both of you on NFP ( i know that you both had some early rosary army podcasts on this topic) because my wife and I are couple mentors for our fully engaged program at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church in Crystal Lake, IL. This program is very similar to pre cana, however, it is an upgrade from that program; in that “fully engaged” has married catholic couples administer the program with the guidance of the parish priest and mentor the couples both during the engagement and up to at least their 1st anniversary. The biggest obstacles that we’ve run into are living together before marriage and why not to use contraception. If there are any talks that you and Jennifer have on either topic I would buy them so that I could help to reinforce the Churches teachings on these issues.

  • Greg,

    Don’t think that you shouldn’t charge for your lectures and/or talks. One thing that I’ve found is that there is a perceived value on everything.

    What you have to say is important and should be priced as such. When someone pays for something, it holds a little more important place in their lives. They have invested in the item and are much more likely to listen/read what you have provided than if you were to just give it away.

    I taught RCIA for a number of years and at first I bought the book that we used in the class and gave it to the students. I found it difficult to get some of them to come to class consistently.

    When I changed the process to have the candidates pay for the book, I found that they were more likely to attend the sessions and to actually read the book. There was value to the item because they had to pay for it.

    Looking to make money to care for your family is a good thing. As long as you’re not gouging the customer, then don’t let charging be something that is holding you back.

    Like others have said, I’m glad to hear you guys back to podcasting. It was nice to have you on satellite radio, but the radio was in my wife’s van and I didn’t get to hear you often. Now I get to hear each episode as it comes out.



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