ADV #084: Tithing French Fries

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Posted by Greg
April 26, 2015
  • Elizabeth says:

    Love the tithing with fries! Cinco de Mayo is coming up soon. What about a post about your famous Taco Night Parties to help all of us along in the celebration?

  • Jenn G says:

    Hey. Okay, just listening to the beginning of your podcast so I think you should post it on the blog. That way it brings more people to your website. :).

    • Greg says:

      I’m thinking blog AND newsletter. Still haven’t decided. I’ll leave it up to the person on whose phone this video resides 🙂

  • Mari says:

    I loved the suggestions for prayer! Perhaps posting them on a shareable PDF would be great? Or on the blog… There’s a podcast called The Catholic SIP
    which is done by a priest and a co-worker. SIP stands for Staying Always in Prayer. And they talk about, well, prayer! And give suggestions and feedback about some of the very things you guys were talking about. I like it!
    Another suggestion for praying when it just feels blah.. Music! I can’t get enough of Matt Maher’s new album “Saints and Sinners”, really lifts my soul and leaves me with tremendous joy. A dear friend also suggested a group called the Getty’s , who seem to do Irish inspired Christian music.

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