January 12

12 Days Until Due Date: Girl Clothes



I’m starting to think that it really shouldn’t be as difficult for us to accept the fact we’re about to have daughter as it has been.

I mean, really. It’s just a girl.

And we’ve known about the sex of the baby for months now.

We should be used to the idea by now!

But after 11 years of parenting only boys, we’re still completely perplexed by the smallest things.

Case in point, this morning we ran our very first load of pink laundry. EVER.

Looking at the labels I saw warnings like “Wash with LIKE COLORS ONLY.”

The realization burst into my brain that we are entering territory where the possibility exists of ruining all of our white clothes by turning them pink.

Even after the clothes were in the washer and swishing around, I just sort of stared at them like I was looking at something alien. What were these pink clothes doing in the washing machine?

Later in the day, while we were doing our broadcast, I took a picture of Jennifer on her side of the studio desk and realized she never wears pink.

Until I got her a pink t-shirt, I can’t recall her ever having any other pink clothes.

So why do we assume this baby girl should only wear predominantly pink clothes?

Will this only be the case when she’s an infant, or will she quickly graduate to purples and blues like her mom wears?

In the meantime, I guess we’ll just continue to acclimate ourselves to the color pink.

Maybe it’ll make more sense once she arrives and we can look at her and say, “Ooooooooohhhh! THAT’S why she needs to wear pink.”

I’ve been hoping for a lot of epiphanies like that lately.

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • I thought clothes only turned pink when you washed a red shirt with lots of whites…. on hot

  • I have three girls and they very rarely wear pink. It’s really not obligatory. lol But it IS kind of fun.

    How did “pink for girls and blue for boys” ever get started anyway?!


  • Actually, it used to be pink for boys and blue for girls … during the Victorian/Edwardian Eras maybe?

  • The problem is there really aren’t a lot of options beyond pink for newborn little girls. Don’t worry, the color options will grow as she grows πŸ™‚ I bought a bunch of little boy onesies cause I couldn’t stand another pink item after the baby shower LOL!

  • Samantha wears pink occasionally, but Jess dresses her in light green (like her nursery), yellow, brown, purple, and lavender. She has a couple of wardrobe items that are brown and pink polkadots on white. While that may sound odd, it is actually very cute. Those outfits also make me crave Baskin Robbins. Weird.

  • Hmmm… My daughter was… and still is… partial to purple and shades of purple. Jane was big on pinks until shortly after we were married… I don’t think I’ve seen her in pink for almost 30 years!

    At any rate, I’ll bet your number 1 girl is going to be beautiful in any color!!!

  • My girl wears pink all the time. She is 10 and pink has been popular from the get go. Have fun with all the new experiences.

  • I found out we were expecting baby #5 around the time you had your ultrasound podcast. It scared me more than all the people wishing a girl on us to hear that you were having a girl. I wish you the best of luck adjusting to the changes. I’ve heard rumors that girls are easier and I’ll pray they are true for your case.
    For me it’s boy #5 though, and I’m glad because girls scare me!

  • You will have so much fun having a girl. She will be so spoiled with bows in her hair and all the frillie things girls can have. Good luck with labor and delivery. I listen to you in the mornings on my way to work. You guys are so cool!

  • An old friend of mine had a daughter that looked HORRIBLE in pink. She looked washed out and looked much better in yellow. I hope for your sake that you’re daughter is very very cute in pink : ) Pink is my favorite color. I’d probably be a little crushed if I had a little girl that didn’t look sweet in pink ; )


  • My tally is four girls, two boys – the boys are partial to camouflage while the girls each have their own favorite color – blue, green, orange, and – yes – even one that loves pink. πŸ™‚ Don’t be too perplexed – loving a baby is the same no matter if it happens to be a boy or a girl…a lesson learned when I gave birth to my first son after 3 daughters! I think of you guys a lot even though I can’t listen to you any more, and can’t wait to hear the exciting news of the arrival of your little girl. πŸ™‚

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