Adventures #127: Sex and Lack Thereof

How periodic abstinence from sex can help you fall in love all over again (we know – crazy, right?). Plus, we talk about music mashups on our show, a negative review that leads to a discussion about the differences between happiness and pleasure, and the trick of looking for a sign from God. 888-299-8686 to leave feedback and be a part of the show!Become a Co-Producer!

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Posted by Greg
February 28, 2016
  • terry says:

    “periodic abstinence from sex can help you fall in love all over again” – gotta tell ya, that should have the “your mileage may vary” warning

  • Bill in Racine says:

    Wow – 11 years. I think that I have been listening to you both since the beginning. I found Father Roderick first, I believe, he lead me to you, then to many of the other SQPN alumni.

    Congratulations on a fantastic milestone!

  • Robert Courtemanche says:

    You know there is this other Podcast by some people down in Georgia and they have this hilarious bumper that always warns people that “Catholic Stuff” is coming up next. They are really good at warning people in case they would rather not be subjected to the CCC and stuff. “They think I don’t know a bunch of crud about the gospel, but I do!”

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