April 3

Adventures #132: Ninety Pounds

Adventures in Imperfect Living Catholic Podcast


How we lost over ninety pounds between the two of us, two new podcasts, no couples retreat, Mother Cabrini Shrine, Maus Graphic Novel, and lots about weight loss. 888-299-8686 to leave feedback and be a part of the show!Become a Co-Producer!

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Here’s a “before” photo of us from last September 2015 (check out the lump of fat behind Greg’s ear):
Here we are 6 months later (photo taken April 2, 2016):
Greg’s LoseIt screenshot showing the progression graph:

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • Wow, you all look amazing! (Before and after 🙂 ) Such a great episode, thank you for doing it. My husband and I are finding that it is a lot harder to loose weight as we get older. It is good to hear that people like us can do it, perhaps we can too.

  • You two look and sound amazing! First, I am ridding the Easter baskets of the Reese peanutbutter cups, then downloading the app. Thanks for your continued inspiration & for helping me to continue cleaning up around here (first my soul, now my thighs)!

  • Congrats on your weight loss. Last year I lost 70 pounds to pass the BSA weight limit and hike 90 miles with my son in Philmont (ask Mac)

    Have you ever read Zonya Foco’s dietfree program? You mentioned not ever learning what a normal day’s calories should look like. She approaches nutrition as a series of habits. I found it was an excelllent suplement to tracking calories and exercise.

  • Just catching up on podcasts. Been a fan since the Sirius days. I checked out the photo as I’m listening. My headphones just blew off my head– mind blown. Congratulations, you both look absolutely terrific; very inspiring.
    I lost 25 this time last year on the 21 Day Fix, which I think is a good way to count+exercise, as you cover in the podcast. But I put a lot of my weight back on over the holidays, unfortunately. You both are an indeed an inspiration, looking so good, so I’m going back to counting and exercise right now… booYah!

    • Good to hear from you, Jason! Congrats on you previous 21 Day Fix success. You can totally do it again! Appreciate you being a part of the community 🙂

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