January 24

ADV #210: The Hidden Battle

Adventures in Imperfect Living Catholic Podcast


In this episode, Greg reveals the reason for our sudden silence and Jennifer shares a touching story about her mother.

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Jennifer is married to Greg. They have five kids.

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  • Real, honest and timelessly timely. I think everyone knows someone in the same place as Greg as well as Jennifer. My advice to anyone experiencing this is never be embarrassed or ashamed- know that to seek help and face whatever is at the root of the issue- is core strength! I am so thankful for this discussion today – I am going to forward it on in the hopes that they carry out their promise to me to do the intensive therapy. I struggled for years as a caregiver to both my mom and dad both with Alzheimer and dementia related diseases. A blessing at times and at others …. argh. Sending you both prayers!

  • Oh Greg! I am so sorry that you have been hiding this for so long. I’m only 10 minutes into the podcast, but I just have to write. I, too, have dealt with horrible depression and anxiety. I have always put it out there-maybe it’s easier for a woman. But! Every time I share I touch someone who also has suffered the same things. Keep talking about it~helping others will be one of the healing mechanisms for you. God works that way, as you know. I’ve also been healed by my faith, but medicine and counseling were the other legs that hold up this 3-legged stool. Yes, ups and down, but there is NO SHAME. People are finally beginning to see that this IS a medical condition. I’ve unfortunately handed it on to our son, and I have been able to understand and guide him because I’ve been through it. He had to try many different meds at different dosages before we found the right match. I’m praying for you, Greg.

  • Thank you for sharing your struggle. The only way that mental illness will no longer be taboo, is if people talk about it. Depression and anxiety is a difficult thing. Like you my family doesn’t know I suffer with it. It is in mostly a remission right now but I know that it can come back anytime. I say mostly because it is winter, cold, and dark where I live so I feel some mild to medium effects during this time.
    Will pray for your healing and journey through this.

  • Greg, I’m not someone who usually writes in, but I felt compelled to write in this time. Thank you for sharing your story about your struggles with depression and anxiety. I, too, struggle with depression and anxiety. I’ve been on disability because of this illness for several years. I’m someone whose worked since I was 11 years old. I’ve sometimes had two part-time jobs in addition to my full-time job. My financial contributions were very important to me. Receiving disability is a brick of guilt that I’ve carried, along with the guilt of not being able to provide the financial support I used to provide, along with the guilt of having an illness that carries with it a stigma. To hear about your struggles edifies my belief that I am not a failure. It’s been a journey to get there. The illness is real. We are doing what we need to do to be a mentally health human beings. Thanks be to God for sharing your story!

    Esmeralda Garza

  • I apparently have to listen to this…I’ve beat around the bush, but never just come out with it. Congrats, Greg, for having the strength to talk straight. Can’t wait to hear it.

  • Wow. Thank you for being so brave for coming out with this. I’m sure it will help many. I have a similar problem. I will echo Greg, seek help and don’t go alone. God Bless you all.

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