February 20

ADV #214: Power of the Tongue

Adventures in Imperfect Living Catholic Podcast


We’re a week into Lent so on this week’s episode we continue our examination of our family’s values and make some difficult changes (like removing access to certain video games).  We also check in on our Lenten promises and talk about the power of tongue from James chapter 3 and how we’re using that to cut back on snippy and biting comments between our kids.  Lastly, we discuss the impact of the most recent high school shooting and how to deal with the Spirit of the World through a renewal of Total Consecration.

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • Greg and Jennifer,
    Thanks for another great podcast. So much to consider and learn about the “Power of the tongue”. My sister could also benefit from this. She is raising a seven year old who loves violent video games.

    Depression and anxiety. The wisdom and science of consuming alcohol while a person is having a challenging time. And how alcohol reacts with medication.
    I’m not judging. I cannot consume when I’m having depression episodes. Just makes everything more intense.

    Reading: I went several months without reading in 2016. Like you, I could not focus. I found a few audible books that I was able to listen to and that helped. I was very particular about the content and narrators.

    Continuing prayers for you and your family,

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