August 20

Three Hours of Photos



This morning we decided to take photos from our studio during the broadcast of today’s show and we posted them in realtime over on Facebook (Click here for Greg on Facebook and click here for Jennifer on Facebook).

From this idea I now have a new profile picture I’m using on Facebook. This is pretty much what I look like during most shows:
In addition to this, here are the other pictures we took throughout the day:

Here’s the actual first picture I took using the camera on my computer:

Jennifer talking about having her bookbag stolen in college:

Now Jennifer is talking about when a contractor stole an iPod out of our kitchen.

What our desk looks like during a show:

On break, right before our guest was expected to come on the show. Jennifer said these photos were unflattering, so I made an intentionally unflattering face so she’ll look even better.

We were talking about this book right so I took a picture of it. Need to get Jim Beckman on our show. Here’s a link to buy it. Awesome book called, “God, Help Me.”

This is how I put Jennifer on pause when I want to say something. 🙂

And here’s what Jennifer does when she wants to say something.

And here’s what we normally look like as soon as we finish a 3-hour broadcast:

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Greg is married to Jennifer. They've got five kids.

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  • You two are fabulous! That was so much fun : D (A contractor actually stole an iPod from your kitchen!?)

    Being a Mac person myself and having a brand new Mac Book, I absolutely LOVE Jennifer’s computer : D So, so pretty! And happy to see Greg on a Mac as well : ) Love, love, love.


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